Cyber Bullying is a Crime and Will Be Treated As Such

Published July 8, 2015 by Maryanne

cyber bully

YAY! Since someone on Face Book was writing crap about me using my full name my WordPress stats started booming. It’s cool in a way because that brings more attention to my blog and my name. I kinda feel like Alice Cooper and his legendary chicken story. No publicity is bad publicity!

But nevertheless, even if you have a thick skin like I do and you can blow off cyber bullying with a roll of your eyes, I do encourage everyone who has been cyber bullied to contact officials.

Cyber bullying is a crime. People who harass others on public forums using their full name is slander and libel. This should be taught to all people who purchase Smart phones or computers — or even use library computers.

I know if this happens to you there are so many ways you want to react. You may even react a few times. If someone harasses you, that’s normal. But best to start avoiding the bully asap because if they are dumb enough to break the law knowing they could get in bad trouble for libel, you don’t know what else they are capable of doing.

People who bully are good at it because they do it often. If you fight with them, you’ll never win, because bullies are bullies. The reality of it, according to psychology, is that bullies are scared, insecure people living very unhappy lives. It makes sense because that’s where the aggression comes in. Misery loves misery. And going back in history, all the most creative, unique, secure, happy-with-themselves kinda individuals have been bullied. Because HAPPINESS is a threat to a bully, especially if you’re not paying attention to them.

I mention this in my book “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” Available on Amazon:

Now, I want to share something funny, not to make light of the subject, but to help those who are going through a bad time with cyber bullies because the following will put a lot into perspective for you. This is a pisser … check it out … Whenever someone writes a nasty comment about me on the internet. I look at the date of the comment. Then I remember what I was doing and laugh like hell because it goes something like this:

While you were bad-mouthing me on the internet, I was having a romantic walk on the beach with my husband. SWEET!

While you were bad-mouthing me on the internet, I was at the bank cashing my royalty check. SWEET!

While you were bad-mouthing me on the internet at the same time one of my favorite musicians liked one of my Face Book articles.  SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get it? The one being bullied is always the winner! Because 10 out of 10 times you were doing something cool while some cyber dweeb was shit talking you.

Did I make you laugh? Good! Because cyber bullying is stressful and I want to help as many victims smile as I can. And believe me, it may seem like the end of the world when you’re constantly hearing losers call you names, “whore,” “pig,” “you suck” — it’s devastating. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s all very small because small attracts small. Intelligent people who are happy and at peace with themselves don’t act like that and will definitely support you and help you out. Share your story and you’d be surprised how many people will do nice things to come to your rescue!

Last year when my book first came out, I was a guest on The Bullyproof Classroom hosted by Jim Burns. Check out my super cool anti-bullying interview, it has a lot more awesomeness to listen to!

To report cyber bullying go directly to IC3.GOV

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is also the author of “Love Cats” available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats:

She is also a motivational speaker and would love to speak at your school, library, rotary club, etc. on Anti-Bullying. 

8 comments on “Cyber Bullying is a Crime and Will Be Treated As Such

  • It is a sad situation when someone is worried about you using your complete name on Facebook. Some people just thrive on being cyber bullies, and think they can impose their thoughts on other Facebook readers.

    There is a lady on Facebook, that I worked with at the newspaper 46 years ago, and she likes to disagree with whatever I write on Facebook, especially if I write anything about religion or politics. I should unfriend her, but instead I just delete the post, if she goes overboard with her snide remarks.

    I don’t expect everyone, that reads what I write to agree with me, but I do expect them to scroll down to the next item, without writing anything like I do, if I disagree with something written by someone else.

    • Hi Andrew, disagreeing isn’t cyber bullying. When a psycho nut case writes that you’re a “whore” and a “pig” and encourages others to hate you equally (and of course other lunatics follow along) — THAT is cyber bullying.

      This person wrote about her sexual fantasies on my “Guest List” page. I banned her after that, not knowing what she would write next. The she attacked me in a personal email.

      I asked if she’d like to discuss woman-to-woman via a telephone call. No, she wanted to waste my time and bicker in emails. When I didn’t do that, she stalked my page with her other phoney account and saw something I wrote, mistakenly assumed it was about her, because she’s such a narcissist — of course EVERYTHING is about her. Then she went ballistic, writing a whole bunch of trash.

      As advised by my lawyer, I had to un-ban her so I could take a photograph of the verbal abuse, which I did.

      Cyber bullying is a crime and she broke the law. Now it’s all a matter of waiting. But she will be in deep trouble, mark my words. You just don’t pick on an investigative journalist.

      • You call the bluff of that lady, when you offered to talk to her on the phone, which was very gracious of you, when considering she was cyber-bullying you.

        99 percent of the people on Facebook are not cyber-bullies, but the other 1 percent are so mean, that it almost makes you forget the other 99 percent that are on Facebook to keep up with their families and friends.

        Some people thrive on confrontations and bullying those who disagree with them.

      • Yeah, I gave her a chance to talk like a civilized person, but she twisted it. That’s why I always say cyber bullies are good at it because they do nothing else. Meanwhile normal people are enjoying life. These individuals are so sick they stay glued to their computers all day!

      • That lady didn’t want to have a civilized discussion on the phone, because she gets her kicks stirring up trouble on Facebook and rallying others to join her in their cyber-bullying.

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