Gearing up for Book #3!

Published July 11, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_8011Me, left, and model friend Ashley

During one of my book signings last year for “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” ( I met Ashley. Even though I was 25 years older then her, we had a lot in common: we’re both deep, sensitive, positive, writers, tattooed, fans of the love metal band HIM, and animal adorers.

Two months later Ashley invited me to read at an event she was hosting with her friend Nataly called “Rock ‘n’ Paws” to benefit animals. During this time I started writing my third book, “The Gypsy Smiled” and figured Ashley would be a great cover model. Not only was she beautiful, as you can see, but she was someone I just knew would work well with me. I was so positive I wanted to use her that I when I described my character Lucy, aka Lucretia, I described Ashley: And then there was Lucy, about 5’5” and curvy. She had shoulder-length straight dark hair with long bangs, which she dyed pillar box red by Manic Panic. Her eyes were so dark, they were almost black. 

A fun coincidence was that my character Lucy, who is 26, Ashley’s age, meets a guy who is younger than her — 23. In the real world, Ashley shared with me today that her boyfriend is 23.

During our drive up to the photographer’s home, I shared more of the “Gypsy” story with Ashley and we were laughing because the character Lucy had qualities similar to both of us.

We had a great time working with photographer Zander of Zander Images:

In fact, Zander invited Ashley back to work with him again!

Now if “Gypsy” gets picked up by a traditional publisher, we probably won’t be using my cover idea, but the good news is, it was a perfect hang-out day, never-the-less! As an author I would like at least one of my books to be picked up by a traditional publisher, but if that doesn’t happen, I can bask in the fun of working with people I highly admire, from Ashley as my model, to Zander as photographer, to Cynthia my copy editor chick to Darlene, my cover designer ( and self-publishing companies (I’m still deciding whether to try someone new or to stick with the same company I’ve worked with for “Guest List” and “Love Cats”). Either way it’s a win win: someone else foots the bill and I’m in their hands; or I foot the bill and have a blast doing the work! A win/win, I’d say!

After the model session, we grabbed a bite at Chilly Willies, in Boonton, New Jersey a fabulous Mexican eatery! Great food, greater conversation. A five-star day!

I love you Ashley! xo

SAM_8009Vegetarian Tacos!

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta’s newest book “Love Cats” is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle format:

2 comments on “Gearing up for Book #3!

  • Maryanne, here’s wishing you the best with this book. This Mexican dish looks yummy ! I am Italian and love Italian and Mexican food. Have a great Mexican pasta dish that I will be making for a party this weekend. When I find my recipe,I will forward it to you. Easy, quick, inexpensive and a crowd pleaser. I will also be making Hot Weiners for this party. My crowd (cousins,friends neighbors) will go bonkers when they see that I have made Hot Weiners. It’s going to be a surprise. My cousins husband also takes the stage by deep frying 4 or 5 turkeys outdoors.
    Here in Rhode Island our summer celebrations evolve around the Feast of Saints in our churches. For example, honoring St Mary, Our Lady of Grace, St Anthony, St Rocco, etc…
    So this upcoming weekend will be St Mary’s ( my parish and also where my grandson attends school). It’s a big fund raising event for the parish (pray for no rain). A parade,carnival, food, etc. and then a huge firework presentation. We have the party at my cousins house because she still lives in the old neighborhood. In fact prior to the fireworks , our church band marches up the road & stops in front of Cousin’s house , turns and plays some song directly to our crowd.
    Maryanne, I could write a book to you on all these Italian traditions ,but where would I find the time??!!? And besides I know that you also know all of these traditions ! I am so grateful for the opportunity to share them with someone who relates to them. This must be the feeling you experience when you hear people applaud you after reading your publications.

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