Welcome to My Opium Den …

Published July 25, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7929Having Fun with Young Living Oils

Not really! Ha-ha!

But if you want to talk about being RELAXED — let’s talk Young Living Oils!

Last night I mixed Myrtle, Believe and Peace & Calming oils and felt so unbelievably calm and at peace, I joked around and said, “Welcome to my opium den!”

It’s just amazing what a profound effect you can get from using all natural oils (and as a bonus, Young Living Oils have no synthetics, they are 100 percent PURE!) I felt so good I was in la-la land!

Imagine going to bed feeling no pain and then waking up without a hangover or the extra calories or the munchies?! (And without the guilt of doing something illegal?)

Of course we should all be high on life, naturally, and Young Living Oils will get you there! (Especially when you get your royalty checks each month — nothing like free money!)

Want to be distributor? Or just enjoy the product? Email me and I’ll hook you up! I’m at: maryannechristiano@gmail.com

SAM_7938Young Living = Happy Living!

2 comments on “Welcome to My Opium Den …

  • Maryanne, I never tire of reading your posts!!!! I have to find time to read your books!!!! Right now, my life is spinning!!! Unfortunately not in a good way. I do not think that I have shared this with you, but on 04/06/15 my husband & I lost a son. He was only 41. He was very ill with stomach cancer. Here it is now, barely 4 months later & we have someone (45 heards old) who is like a “daughter” to us, struggling for her life !!! Three weeks ago, she had a stomach bypass to lose weight. She was overweight but not totally obese. I myself struggle with weight, up & down. It is so difficult. Please remember her in your prayers. Also if you wanted to generate a post on this surgery, outcomes, and alternatives that would be great. You can refer to my experiences, I would not object.

    Lisa is very special to me. Her Mom & I were friends from the age of 17. Best Friends all thru the years, actually like sisters (neither of us had a sister). I remember when her very handsome older brother & I were attracted to each other & it went no where because the years had created a brother-sister bond,but to this day we are still Best of Friends! We are to each other the ONE you can always turn to. In the 43 years that have gone by, we have become a blended family. Unfortunately, after 43 tears, I lost my Best Friend Teresa. That was 4 years and 10 months ago to cancer. She passed from brain tumors & lung cancer. YES, she was a smoker. I was devastated. Now, her daughter Lisa & I who were always close, became even more attached. Today I see her struggling for life. So this is why I don’t write back on your posts more frequently, but I do read them all ( over & over sometimes).

    Do you believe in premonitions? I kind of do because I feel like an individual who has that 6th sense, sometimes. I have actually have met strangers in line at the market, at the salon, craft store,etc., actually look at me funny when I tell them things about themselves. I am not appearing to be The Long Island Physic. I am only an amateur. HA HA. Nevertheless, I wanted to try to talk Lisa out of this and did not. She was anticipating this MIRACLE fix. My daughter has tried to console me by assuring me that nothing was changing her decision! My daughter & Lisa of course are extremely close.

    Right now all we can do is pray. It seems that every time they clear up one of her problems another appears. As I write she is semi coma induced, has fought off a blood clot in her stomach, is on a breathing machine and has developed pneumonia. Whenever you read this please say a prayer for my BELOVED LISA. Thanks in advance. Your Friend Sandra

    P.S. will keep in touch

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