Being Strong for My Cat

Published April 27, 2016 by Maryanne

SAM_9982With my kitty Derick, age 19

Visiting time with Derick at the vet. On the outside, being strong for my baby, on the inside heart is breaking.


It’s his kidneys and he’ll be staying at the vet for the second night tonight. Doesn’t look too good; but I always believe in miracles and he’s in very good hands.

Coming home to a house without a pet is the saddest thing. My other cat, Billy, lived to 19 too and died in 2013.  After tonight Derick will be spending one more night at the vet. If there is no improvement, we’ll be taking him home to live out his final days. He’s not in pain, the vet says, his body is just weakening with age.

We just want him to be as comfortable as possible during his last days, like we did with Billy. With the guidance of the vet we are making the best decisions.

9 comments on “Being Strong for My Cat

  • I am so sorry to hear about Derick, it hurts my heart when a furbaby is ill. I am praying for you both. I know how scared you are. Keep the faith, I have seen furbabies ill before and they pull through it. Bless you both.

      • I said a prayer for him after I read your post. Poor baby, just know thoughts and prayers are with you both. Stay strong for him, they can sense if we are scared or upset. From one animal lover to another. Sending best wishes always. Hugs

  • Mare, you gave both of your cats a long good life….Be happy you were able to share such goodness with them both – Keep your chin up

      • I left you a pvt msg on FB Maryanne. I am sorry that the vet is out of options. My heart breaks for you. Been through it myself a few times and I know the pain your feeling. The saying “you left foot prints on my heart” is so true. You know you gave him a good life. I am crying now myself, I am sorry, not much help to you. Just know how sorry I am for you both. If I had words to say to take away your pain I would gladly say them. Please give Derick a hug and kiss from me. Xoxoxoxo

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