Punky Meadows at BB Kings, NYC

Published June 15, 2016 by Maryanne

SAM_0379Rock legend Punky Meadows and lead vocalist Chandler Mogel

I was an Angel fan since I was 12-years-old … and back then parents didn’t really take their children to see concerts like they do today. In fact, I didn’t even go to my first concert until I was 15 and only because it was at a college. I was forbidden because “People smoke pot at those concerts,” my mother said.

But I had all the Angel albums and they remained one of my favorite bands all these years. It was epic seeing them in the movie “Foxes” starring Cherie Currie from The Runaways.

All that said, last night, standing right in front of the stage at B.B. Kings seeing Punky Meadows perform, with my husband who is also a big Angel fan, was a dream come true — totally surreal for both of us. Though my husband got to see Angel back in the day … lucky him!

We got the new Punky album “Fallen Angel” the day it went on sale a few weeks ago. The line-up is: Danny Farrow: guitar, Chandler Mogel: lead vocal, Bob Pantella: drums, Charlie Calv: keyboards;and Angel member Felix Robinson on bass. For the BB King show Randy Gregg filled in and Felix Robinson played a few songs. Plus two female back-up singers.

The band was tight as hell and truly recreated the Angel sound, playing five Angel songs: “Feelin’ Right,” “Wild and Hot,” “Don’t Leave Me Lonely,” “Can You Feel It,” and “The Tower.” Punky still plays incredibly. The new stuff is great too — and even greater live. My favorites as of now are “Something Strange” and “Straight Shooter.”

Fans continued to scream out names of Angel songs and front man Chandler Mogel jokingly said, “This isn’t an Angel cover band.”

After the show my husband and I waited outside of B.B. Kings hoping to meet Punky Meadows. And we did! We also got to talk to other band members, including Felix Robinson. It was so cool how everyone took the time to acknowledge fans.

An epic night indeed!

SAM_0352Live at BB Kings

SAM_0418So nice Punky took the time to meet us!

SAM_0416Felix Robinson, Angel member who replaced Micky Jones back in the day!

I had a crush on him as a teenager πŸ™‚

SAM_0421Can you spot the Angel songs?

SAM_0348On our way into NYC, psyched for the show!

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” https://www.amazon.com/Guest-List-Adventures-Music-Journalist/dp/162903908X?ie=UTF8&redirect=true

4 comments on “Punky Meadows at BB Kings, NYC

  • Thanks for your review. …
    Angel will always have a special place in my heart..and incredibly thankful that I was a witness to their glory with both original bassist Micky Jones and Felix Robinson.
    Christian ” Big New York ” de Mesones

    • Christian, thanks so much for your comments, it’s always great to hear from other Angel fans (from the hundreds of hits I got on this particular blog post, it makes me so happy that fans are still embracing them!)

      You are incredibly lucky to have seen both bassists! My husband saw Micky perform too. (RIP Micky!)

      Angel remained one of my favorite bands throughout the years and I pulled out the albums and CDs often!


  • I am pretty envious of you both. Having heard snippets of advance songs, I wasn’t sure if the new album would really hit the spot. I had reservations about the singer – still would prefer Frank DiMino singing if I’m honest – but it is a great album. Have you heard Frank’s record by the way?
    Punky still rocks!!!!!

    • Hey Dave! You have to listen the new album a few times before it hits you. That said — live, it was unbelievable. Chandler is freaking amazing and a great choice for the Punky Meadows Band. There’s a lot from the show on You Tube, so dig around for the Angel songs — Chandler did them great justice.

      And, yes, Frank Dimino has still got it! I’d love to see him too someday!

      Cheers πŸ™‚

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