Not My Little Darlings!!!

Published November 6, 2016 by Maryanne


UGLY = Delusional Moms and their Unruly Brats

Yesterday was a most gorgeous autumn day in New Jersey. I was so psyched I was going to meet a very good friend for lunch.

I had to make a quick stop in a local store. As I made my way to the cash register, a child, about 9-years-old, old enough to know better, pushed me. I said nothing — until her older sister, about 12 pushed me.

I said, politely, “Girls, you don’t push people, you say, ‘Excuse me.'”

They both gave me ugly dirty looks.

Then, the crazy psycho mother appeared out of nowhere — a 5’11” beast, all red-faced and bulging eyes. She screamed at me, “DO NOT YELL AT MY DAUGHTERS!”

I said, politely, “I did not yell at them. I just said to say, ‘Excuse me’ and not push people.”

Then, again, she screamed, “DO NOT YELL AT MY DAUGHTER!” This time she was pointing her fat finger in my face. At 5’3″ and under 125 pounds, I was terrified this crazy bitch was going to attack me.

She continued, “THEY ARE LITTLE GIRLS!!!!!” (Uh, no, they are not “little girls” — little girls mean 2, 3, 4, 5 — not 8, 9, 10, 11, 12! They were prancing around the store with pony tails and ombre-colored hair — that is well beyond the “little girl” stage, me-thinks! They were just spoiled silly and didn’t want anyone to get in their way — they wanted what they wanted NOW. So typical of how many children today are raised. Ew, just EW!)

But you can’t argue with bat shit crazy. I simply said, “That’s it, I’m calling the cops.”

I left my purchase at the register, left that store, walked into another store and said to the cashier, “Get the cops on the phone.”

A cop soon came, and a male customer came out of the first store to defend me — he saw all that went down. He told the cop that the lunatic over-reacted — and that she was a lot bigger than I was.

Of course the cop couldn’t do anything because the woman didn’t attack me — thank God, thank Buddha, thank the universe. Though somewhere along the line, there needs to be a law about people pointing their fat fingers in your face; as that definitely says “threat” to me!

When I went back to the store to pay for my purchase, the cashier was saying how crazy that woman was. I said, “Yes, it’s not like her children were babies, they should have known better.”

I am not a mother but I am no stranger to well-behaved children. I used to babysit a little girl named Claire, when she was 8, until she was 9. I’ve been to many stores with her, and she never pushed adults. Not once did I have to discipline that child in public. And on the rare occasions I did have to be an adult and tell her what to do — she listened! And her parents were always respectful of my judgement. NEVER, EVER a problem!

So shame on that parent — or any parent — with that sort of attitude that their little darlings can do no wrong. It is never right to have your kids running through a store like it’s a playground– and pushing people like they are a piece of garbage.

So, while I was checking out, a woman standing next to me totally got it. She said, “I told my 23-year-old son, ‘Don’t let me be a disciplinary grandmother when you have kids. Bring your children up with respect — don’t let me do it for you!'”

Right on!

Parents definitely need to take responsibility for the wrong-doings of their little brats. Just suck it up — your child is not perfect! Be a parent to your kids and do the right thing. And if that is your energy on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I feel very sorry for you — and the future of your children.

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” available on Amazon in paperback version only:

2 comments on “Not My Little Darlings!!!

  • Dearest Girl….I’ve read your story & am sorry you’ve had to experience such a horrid woman. Easily resolved situation, however she handled it very incorrectly. A mature, intelligent woman would have inquired first regarding the situation and then resolved it amicably…

    There are people raising little monsters out there. They are not thinking about the long term ramifications of the behavior of the children or the behavior of themselves. When the children start having issues in the real world, then they will wonder why.. Sounds like she doesn’t accept responsibility for her or her children’s actions. There is no doubt she is looking for someone else to blame…

    Have a beautiful day lovely girl..

    • Beautiful Sibel, thanks so much for your support and understanding. So true it would be easily resolved with an apology from the children; that’s what my mother would have done.

      Enjoy this gorgeous day — from north to south, the east coast has got it 😉 xo

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