Rock Star Wife

Published December 12, 2016 by Maryanne

sam_1712Maryanne with husband, bassist, Dennis Lords

What a rock ‘n’ roll weekend it was! I’m always thrilled to see my husband perform onstage; me right in front of the stage, us staring into each others eyes and giving knowing looks.

My husband, Dennis Lords, performed with his band Pharoah ( this weekend. Here’s a sample of their music:


Dennis has also played with Rob Fusari ( and The Characters (

Music has always been my life. It’s unfortunate that I do not play an instrument or sing, but I did once write a children’s song called “It’s Christmas.” It was recorded at Baby Fishmouth Studios (, produced by Tom Corea. I came up with the lyrics and melody. Dennis but the music to it. After recording the song, we were interviewed by the late Mark Blaustein who had a radio show at Montclair State University.

It was a dream come true having my song played on the radio.

From time to time, I’d be in Baby Fishmouth Studios with Dennis and was asked to sing back up on Come On Christmas ( and I was the Beach Girl spoken vocalist on Sufer’s Christmas ( — Hey, Santa, surf’s up!

But, most of the time, I’m happy to take a back seat to my baby and let him shine! On stage, and off, I couldn’t ask for a better husband and kitty daddy!


Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is a professional writer who has interviewed musicians for many publications including The Aquarian Arts Weekly, Punk Magazine, In The Flesh Magazine, The Montclair Times, and New View Media. She is the author of “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” available on Amazon:

6 comments on “Rock Star Wife

  • Hello !
    I have just found your blog while I was searching Pharoah’s pictures for my website, ! I have written a long article in french about your husband’s band (here’s the link : and as I intend to do a picture gallery, I would like to ask you the permission to use both pictures of you and your husband that can be found in this article. I will put a link toward your blog and I’ll talk about the book you wrote and put a link toward its amazon page… It’s fairer this way !

    Please, could you let me know if you accept my request ? Thank you very much !

    Best wishes for your blog,

    Eléonore, a french fan of an incredible New Jersey band !

  • I’ve even added something about your blog in the main Pharoah article because you learn me that they did a concert at the end of 2016. As I am currently trying to know what they have been doing for the last years, I found this information worth reading ! Don’t worry, I put a link toward its source – your blog !

    • P.S. — Some inaccuracies regarding your post about Pharoah …

      These are the corrections …

      1. Rob Fusari is a world known three-time Grammy Award winner and the creator of Lady Gaga. Rob has produced Adam Lambert, Beyonce, ABC, and Destiny’s Child … to name a few.. Rob Fusari was also known as Cary Nokey, a glam dance performer who toured Europe. Also note that Dennis Lords played with Rob Fusari at The Bitter End, which is a world famous NYC nightclub.

      2. The Characters were on Joan Jett’s record label and also Joan performed on their album. They are well known, not “unknown” throughout the States.

      • Don’t worry, everything is corrected now !
        Yes, Juichi Morishige and ZIGGY are very good ! I am pretty sure your husband would like it too. Maybe they could do a concert together (despite the fact Juichi is japanese and leaves very far away from N J^^) !!
        By the way, it means that you watched the page about the most good-looking glamheads…^^ Please, could you tell me which other pages you have watched on my website ? I am always very curious to know about this !!

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