Ageism, it’s REAL!

Published August 23, 2018 by Maryanne


I’ve tried to say this on Facebook and received zero support and response. So I figured, perhaps if Madonna said it, people will listen.

Earlier today I read a disturbing comment that all old people are racists and homophobic (and should die!) As someone who will be entering my senior years in less than a decade, I find these sort of comments extremely disturbing. And of course untrue.

For decades the beauty end of ageism was shoved down a person’s throat. Botox, fillers, staying under a certain weight, do this, do that to stay young.

But now, we have to also worry about people falsely assuming we are racist and homophobic just because we’re of a certain age?! And even worse, that we should die?!

Well, let me tell you something … some of the oldest people I know are the LEAST racist and homophobic. A perfect example is when I worked at a newspaper and helped an elderly entertainment editor with her section each week. She embraced all types of people no matter what their color or sexual preference.

And this is not the exception. It’s the rule.

Old people are extremely accepting, kind, and loving. If someone is old and an asshole, that’s all it is — an old person who is an asshole. That same old asshole was most likely a young asshole at one point in his/her life.

It’s ignorant to lump all people into categories.  As I blogged last week, it’s never ever black and white. It’s always gray.

And I wish, with all my heart, that some people who are limited in their thinking will meet that one inspirational person who shows them differently. Because if you hang out with that one person, more and more will arrive in your life like magic.

Be blessed.
Be happy.

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of three books. Her fourth book “I Don’t Want to Be Like You” will be traditionally published later this year by Higher Ground. She is available for ghost writing, book editing, and motivational speaking. Contact her directly at: 


6 comments on “Ageism, it’s REAL!

    • And a word from the wise right back at’cha … Of course that is true. Nevertheless, there are many who have an idea in their head about what people of a certain age are like, including who they vote for (which is so wrong). And those who are “fermented” as I said in my blog, those who are a cranky old person were most likely a cranky young person too.

  • I don’t know if ageism is taboo or if it’s just not the issue that gets all the attention/gets people riled up. Granted, I haven’t posted on ageism in awhile, but my posts on ageism don’t get readership as high as some topics.

    • I don’t think it’s taboo, I truly believe people don’t care about the elderly. When I first my career in public speaking, I started at assisted living facilities. The elderly were starving for attention.

      But it begins much sooner than later. Young people just don’t have the respect for older people like they did generations ago. I blame a lot of it on parents wanting to become “best friends” with their children, rather than a parent. That’s where the disrespect begins.

      I just started reading your awesome blog, by the way!

      • I would agree that most people don’t care about the elderly. Which is ironic because the number of elderly people will be drastically increasing because of the baby boomers.

        And thanks for the positive comment on the blog!!!

  • I’m sorry that there are so many ignorant people out there that don’t see the value of people with experience. Leviticus 19:32 says, “Before gray hair you should rise up, and you must show honor to an older man…” Some of the best times I’ve had in my life was time spent with my grandmother and older friends in my congregation. Millennials really miss out on gaining wisdom by disregarding the experience of older people in the workplace. I’ve seen how they are treated and it sickens me. I always benefit from taking the time to get to know older candidates workers and members in the congregation. I soak up all of their wisdom like a sponge. Jehovah God never throws us away after we’ve grown older. Hebrews 6:10 says, “For God is not unrighteous so as to forget your work and the love you showed for his name…”

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