COVID-19 in the 1970s

Published April 8, 2020 by Maryanne


Everyone can use a laugh right now, so I came up with an idea. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and imagine, what if COVID-19 happened in the 1970s?

CB radio

In the 1970s truckers were communicating to each other on CB radios, a citizen’s band radio for short distance communication. If they were dealing with COVID19, the conversation would go a little something like this…

TRUCKER 1: Breaker Break. This here’s Social Distancer, can I get a check-point Charlie on a picklepark that has toilet paper?

TRUCKER 2: Good Buddy, this here’s Coughin’ Mouth. Negatory on the T.P.


There would be no dancing. The movie “Saturday Night Fever” would be known as “Saturday Night Fever, Tiredness, and Dry Cough.”


Jaws would be irrelevant. No one is going in the water. No one is going anywhere. But if we did, and the shark got us, he’d definitely spit out those nasty latex gloves!


Streaking would still be a thing. Nudists social distancing — from their clothing!

Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper’s hit song “School’s Out” would also be relevant, especially the line, “School’s out forever.”

Corona Virus

Lava lamps would contain floating images of the COVID19 virus.


And like we’re doing today, we’d just have to take it One Day at a Time.

Stay safe and healthy!

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