Social Distancing, First Outdoor Concert of the Summer!

Published July 8, 2020 by Maryanne

DSCF5086Do you see the social distancing circle in white paint? 

Last night was exciting. It was the first outdoor concert my husband and attended since COVID19. I don’t keep up with the news (it’s too depressing), but last I’ve heard is that New Jersey, USA is doing good. We now have outdoor dining and outdoor concerts — with social distancing. We are in Phase 2 of Covid; hopefully moving to Phase 3 soon. I truly believe our Gov. Murphy is doing a great job, especially with the two-week quarantine for those who have visited other states and countries. Why not? NJ has worked so hard to get to this point; why should we be punished because other states are careless?

Woodbridge Township is offering a concert series all summer long, on the lawn of their high school. Mondays are Golden Oldies; Tuesdays are Tribute Bands; Wednesdays are indie acts; Thursdays are local bands; and Sundays are country bands.

Since many of the acts are from out of state, they will most likely cancel because they don’t want to quarantine for two weeks. You can’t blame them; they need to earn a living. But according to the Township, they will replace those bands with others, so it’s still a music win!

Though humid, it was still a lovely summer evening. It stays light late and it’s romantic watching the sun go down while listening to great music.

Last night the concert was Best of The Eagles. They were a great tribute band and so on the money. Such a vast collection of music, much of which sends chills up your spine, like my favorite, “Best of My Love.”

They also had a bar garden; and treats like popcorn and ice cream. It was especially lovely seeing so many senior citizens coming out, wearing their masks, and having a great time. Dancing was not permitted because it would bring strangers too close together. Everyone obeyed. It was truly a scene I was proud to be part of — a small piece of history, and people coming together during trying times.

For more information on Woodbridge Township and their concerts, visit: Woodbridge

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6 comments on “Social Distancing, First Outdoor Concert of the Summer!

  • Music can be part of the solution. I also spent some time thinking about the same issue and wrote a blog article about it. The world we are living in right now has become a strange place. We have all become strangers (to each other) in a strange land. Not long ago, people used to congregate, socialize, party with friends and family. Going to school and interacting with your teachers and your friends was part of our children’s daily routine; now our human interactions are kept to a minimum, from a safe distance and preferably via a screen. Music has a unique ability to bring people together. Music and dance can unite, heal, and set people free from their fear, their worries, their loneliness. So dance your own dance, sing your own song. Work your magic and sprinkle seeds of love everywhere you go. Feel free to check out my article =

    • Yes, you are preaching to the choir here. Music has always been my life from the time I was a little girl. It got me through being bullied in school. I speak about it in my first book, “On the Guest List” (which is now out of print and I’m considering a re-write for a second edition). My husband and I are always singing and dancing. I’m blessed to have married a musician. Music is always playing in our home. We’re in
      our own little world, almost oblivious to the sadness that is happening out there. Thanks so much for stopping by. Keep being YOUnique!

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