In Support of Younger Women

Published November 12, 2020 by Maryanne
Jennifer Bunda
Shanon Pantano

The other day I wrote about what a great time I had at the Hard Rock Hotel in Atlantic City, NJ. Since I’m not into gambling, it’s not very often I visit AC. Nevertheless, I like to pop in from time to time over the years. It’s a cool city with a great history lesson behind it. It’s also the city that inspired the Monopoly board game. Over the years I went with family, friends, and even co-workers when I still did the 9 to 5 thing. It is a legendary place to be.

While thinking about my previous AC trips, I remembered the first time I went with my family. I was just 19 and was able to gamble. From the get-go I realized gambling wasn’t my thing, but it was fun visiting the different themed casinos and walking on the boardwalk. And that first time, I had a weird experience in the ladies room.

I was wearing a romper. Yes, the rompers young women wear today also had a brief day in the sun in the 1980s. I was looking in the mirror brushing my hair as most women do.

A much older woman was looking at me. She said, in a snippy mocking tone, “Adorable! Adorable! Very cute!” and then walked away.

I couldn’t believe it. She shamed me for looking good! And for a split second I felt guilty about it. Maybe I should have worn something more conservative? But weren’t we in a city, where anything goes? And, hey, rompers were in-style. And why shouldn’t I be brushing my hair.

I was obsessing over a comment from a stranger. Then I stopped myself from thinking about it. From that moment on, I promised myself that when I got old I would never make a young woman feel bad about her looks.

And I kept that promise.

I’m the first to tell a young girl how cute she looks, sincerely, not mockingly like the lady did to me. I’m happy to support my girlfriends’ daughters and/or nieces and write on Facebook they are beautiful. I tell young female tellers at the bank how stylish they are. And I’ll be the first to tell a young stranger I like her pink hair or cute shoes.

Young ladies are pretty, and many of them are insecure. If you compliment them, they may respond shyly or not say anything at all. But mark my word, I’m positive they appreciate the compliment. I always did.

No matter what age we are it’s important for women to have each other’s backs. Let’s not undermine each other. Let’s celebrate our unique beauty, our differences, our accomplishments, and our creativity.

Women supporting women is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s us older ones taking a younger one under our wings and encouraging her to fly!

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One comment on “In Support of Younger Women

  • Excellent article. I too, remember the days when friends didn’t have my back and made rude comments. Agree 100% about having each other’s backs. Friendship is meant to be that way! Thank you for sharing your experiences, looking forward to more articles.

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