Book Review: “Face” by Justine Bateman

Published May 1, 2021 by Maryanne

It was a chore getting through this book. I kept putting it down because it was so depressing, though I like Justine’s style of writing. I had high hopes as I read the beginning where Justine wrote about how proud she is of her aging face. (She truly is beautiful, cool looking, and has a slammin’ body and great hair).

The bad news is, the stories were nonsensical. It’s just a bunch of rambling from insecure women who took to heart insensitive comments from misogynist, ageist men. Thank God these shallow Neanderthal fools who judge women on their looks are the exception–not the rule. Let them have their gold digging younger women who will leave them in the end anyway. Who cares!

I’m on Facebook regularly and I see so many positive things male fans of all ages write to older female celebrities. They ask Julie Newmar out to dinner; they say how hot Jill Biden is; and our sisters, fellow women, praise the natural beauty of aging models like Isabella Rossellini. Older women are now celebrated more than over, making this book very dated.
As women, we have choices. Go where they love is. It doesn’t make sense to stay with a man who expects you not to age (or judgmental, insecure female friends who expect you to go for Botox treatments with them — or fat shame you even if you’re still a size 6, but no longer a 4). They are the weirdos. Let’s stop giving them attention.

I have a brother-in-law who said it best, “A woman who is a 6 can easily be a 10 with a great personality.”
Men have evolved since the 1980s; let’s give men more credit and stop producing pity party books like this, as it only addresses a small percent of the man-child population who haven’t grown up to be real men yet.

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is in the process of writing her next book “Fantastic Without Plastic” which will be a positive book on aging naturally. She is still seeking participants. If you are over 50 and have not altered your face, please be in touch.

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4 comments on “Book Review: “Face” by Justine Bateman

  • I just turned 67 last April. Although I still have to work at getting the “right light” when taking selfies, for the most part I’m aging gracefully – at least that’s how I want to think I’m aging. LOL. I just Followed your blog. Although most of the photos are 5 years old, here’s a link to that page on my site:

    I’m getting ready to do a Post on Health and Wellness “Rock Vixen Style” and will include a more recent photo (or 2). Without make-up. Yikes! I definitely like the way I look when fully made-up (who doesn’t?). It’s that whole Glamor-Illusion-Mask-Persona thing.

    Please feel free to contact me at m2labs00(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested in having me participate in your current research.

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