In Defense of Vegan Treats

Published October 2, 2021 by Maryanne
(Photo by FitNish Media, Courtesy of Unsplash)

While searching for vegan blogs, I came across a few who that put down the vegan lifestyle because of all the promotion towards fake meats and sugary treats. That was my issue prior to becoming vegan. I saw so many unhealthy products out there I felt I’d quickly fall into that trap myself.

With the help of a hired vegan health coach, I got myself on a regimen of eating 100 percent vegan goodness all week long. Then I allow myself vegan “junk food” on the weekend–or special occasions.

For example, a typical week day meal menu would look like this:

Breakfast: Vegan protein/omega 3 shake with fresh pineapple and arugula greens; oatmeal with walnuts, carrots, blueberries. Spiced with cinnamon and nutmeg.

Lunch: Kale salad with black beans, fresh beets, tomatoes, nori, cucumber, sesame seeds, Miyoko’s vegan cheese, and dressing of apple cider vinegar (with the mother), first pressed olive oil, coconut aminos, and maple syrup. And fresh herbs: basil, sea salt, pepper.

Dinner: Brown rice with mushrooms, broccolini, stir fried with avocado oil and a smaller side salad.

Throughout the day I’ll drink herbal teas and/or kombucha and/or cold-pressed juice and water. If for any reason I’m hungrier, I’ll have a slice or two of a vegan bread or a piece of fruit, but usually this menu does the trick.

On the weekends–or for special events, like a midweek concert or a birthday–I do indulge myself. Whether it’s vegan ice cream or a cupcake or a boxed Daiya pizza or faux fish, I enjoy guilt free.

Why? First, I’m not on a diet. Since I became vegan, I actually lost weight. Second, socializing and celebrating is healthy. Third, it’s easier to stay vegan if you allow yourself treats, in my opinion. And finally, a treat is usually a meal out at a vegan restaurant, faux fish with a salad, or a vegan cupcake. It’s not like I’m pigging out on boxes of Oreos or eating pasta piled sky-high on my plate.

If you take any health-minded person, vegan or not, gym rat, or yoga chick, they will admit to having something “bad” every now and then. Most non-vegans reading probably have pizza or ice cream or wings on occasion. So why are our treats so evil in your eyes? Yes, some vegans abuse the bad stuff, just like meat eaters who go to McDonalds a little too often. It goes both ways.

Of course you’ll have the diehard vegans who avoid sugar or processed foods at all cost. More power to them. I was one of those people 16 years ago, when I was a raw foodist. So it is possible. But at this stage in my life, balance works for me. Most of the treats I go for are “lesser of the evil” type delights anyway. Though I’ve been vegan a short time, I was health conscious most of my adult life. I’d rather have a vegan mousse made with avocados and cocoa powder than a sugary sweet vegan cake with a ton of icing and sprinkles. But if I did try it, it would be a small forkful. If my husband has vegan whole wheat dumplings at a restaurant, I’ll taste half of one and enjoy my quinoa salad.

Whenever you view what you don’t understand, train yourself to think more in a gray manner. Not everything is black and white. Vegans are excited about the faux meat because it helps people transition to veganism. It’s not a way of life for all of us. There are many like me who prefer an organic home cooked meal over dining in a restaurant, but hey, I love to support vegan restaurants, vegan products, and vegan bakeries too.

Maybe meat eaters can try a vegan treat sometime. You won’t even know it’s vegan. The cows will love you for it!

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