Bloganuary Challenge – Day 21 – What Year Would I Time Travel To and Why?

Published January 21, 2022 by Maryanne
Me, age 15, and Grandma, in Hollywood, California, 1979

I would time travel to ANY year that my grandmother was still alive. So that would be from the day I was born, until January, 1995.

Since I was a toddler, she was my favorite person of all time. She was like a big fluffy marshmallow! Sweet and fun. When I was between the ages of 8 and 10, I loved staying over her house. We watched “The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour” together, and I stayed up very late while she watched “The Johnny Carson Show.” Life with Grandma was always a blast. She had a genuine interest in anything I was interested in.

When I got older, she was the most supportive person when it came to my writing career. Prior to being a professional, I did poetry readings throughout New Jersey and NYC. By then, Grandma had diabetes and lost a leg. Nevertheless, there she was in her wheel chair, right in the front, cheering me on.

When someone wrote about my poetic performance in The Star Ledger, my Grandma said to my mother, “She’s making it.” When you have someone who believes in you that much, you can’t possibly fail in life.

The day my grandmother died, January 1995 (I don’t remember if it was the 27th or 28th, as those final days were a blur), it was the saddest day of my life. Nothing could ever be that bad again. I walked around in a daze for two weeks, but I kept walking because my grandmother was about LIFE.

Even in her final months, sick as she was, she went everywhere in her wheel chair — to gamble in Atlantic City and to see Elvis impersonators (she loved Elvis). She even went on rollercoasters! The ride attendants allowed her to ride several times in a row since she was a cute old lady.

The best way I can describe Grandma, is to say she was a Betty White type. She was cute and bubbly, but also threw in some funny or even crass zingers. She’s the only person I ever met who could say something brutally honest to someone and they wouldn’t get mad because her deliverance was filled with love.

For example, she once told me, “I enjoyed you more when you were a kid.” I thought that was hilarious because it was true. I was glued to her side as a kid and she loved that. Then I got older and developed other interests–friends, boyfriends, life. But she always remained in my heart as my favorite person.

To this day, I miss her so much. Oh, how I wish I could time travel to see her again, if even for a day!

I love you Grandma! xoxo

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