It’s No Joke, WordPress is The Best!

Published April 1, 2022 by Maryanne
I’m a fool for WordPress!

It’s April Fool’s Day, but it’s no joke that I love WordPress best. I may be prejudice, but I like WordPress best.

Earlier this year, I stopped using Facebook. I didn’t delete my page altogether because I have photos and memories on there that I cherish. Plus, some friends simply do not understand, “contact me via email.” They forget that and continue to contact me via Messenger. That is okay, but I only check Facebook once a day, whereas I check my emails all day long.

I never got Linked In. It’s more for career-oriented people. Me, I have my home based business of writing, editing, and blogging for various publications on a very part-time basis. I was on Linked In for years and it never did me any good. It was just about people following me to get me to follow them. And after a month of using Instagram, I realized it was the same. Sure you can follow your favorite celebrities or influencers, but do you REALLY want to see them every single day?! No. I am not celebrity-obsessed. I like variety. And I also like finding things on my own. If I discover a new artist, or re-discover an old one, I’ll go on a You Tube binge to satisfy my fan-energy. But I do not need to “follow” them and have them in my psyche 24/7.

As for myself, I’m not really promoting anything. I’m not a hard-sell. I want people to find my books, my articles, and my You Tube channel organically. Not because I have 1000 friends pushing it up in a feed; or because I paid someone to promote it; or because someone follows me and now I’m obligated. Damn, that is WORK — work that I’m not getting paid for.

But the good news is, WordPress isn’t like that. Well, sometimes it is, but I can spot the phony faster on here because of how a blog is presented. If someone is pouring their heart out and being truly honest, count me in! If someone is liking several of my posts in a row, just out of obligation, or to entice me over to their page, it’s a turn off. No one can read THAT FAST!

However, the beauty of WordPress is that it may be harder to find a topic I really like. Hunting for something gives one a special high. Like trying to find a record in a record store, rather than purchasing instantly on Amazon.

And WordPress is forever. If you want to find something on Facebook or Instagram, you have to scroll endlessly. With WordPress, all my blogs are neatly organized by year. And I can hide something that no longer relates to me and no one would be the wiser. I also get a kick out of it when someone “likes” or comments on a blog I wrote several years ago! This happens often. Unlike Facebook and Instagram where everything is current and fast moving. Though I love my life today, I do love all that I ever was. I cherish the old stuff, just as I’ll cherish what’s happening in my life now — two years down the road.

Of all internet platforms, WordPress is the least ego-driven. People are here because they like to write. They have dreams. Or they are working something out. For me, like Live Journal in the old days, WordPress is a glorified paper diary; but only the things I want to share with the world. It’s a taste of my life, but not my entire life. It’s a contrary to people constantly updating their Facebook and Instagram pages with every thought, anything they feel share-worthy, and promotions for everything they do.

On WordPress, I won’t find someone who wants to tag me in a photograph they took of me at an event in order for me to share my photo of me with them in return to get them promoted.

People do not know how many followers I have on WordPress. It’s not a place to be judged by how popular you are, but rather how good you write. Sure, someone can get 150 “likes” but that’s just from others on WordPress. Your backend will tell you the real deal. I’m the only one who knows how many are reading. It could be a little bit, or it could be hundreds. And I feel more humbled by that. By people not knowing, I understand they are here because they want to be here.

It’s just a beautiful thing. And I’m fortunate to be in on this secretive gem of a space along with the rest of you.

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