I’m Vegan and Other Vegans Make Me Cringe

Published April 15, 2022 by Maryanne
Let Go of Your Ego

Though I’ve used cruelty free products since 1996, I haven’t officially become a vegan until last summer.

I think what took me so long was the fact that the certified bat shit crazy vegan troupe was stuck in my brain. I had to separate myself from them first in order to make that final leap.

No matter what I say in this post, some crazy vegan will see it and argue with me. But I dare just ONE vegan to come forward and say, “You’re right.” Because I am. Because non-vegans agree with me.

Vegans make loving animals seem like a cult. Trust me, I’ve been to the Peta House back in 1998, during one of the many times I’ve dabbled in veganism since 1986 when I first gave up meat.

They are downright NASTY to anyone who disagrees with them and use their vegan card as a badge of ego, being condescending to others and being overly proud of their vegan knowledge.

It’s discouraging to those who want to change to become vegan, because they don’t want to be like that. And meat eaters just laugh at us because of how insane we are.

Here are some of the over-the-top, ultra-ridiculous vegan “things” I — as a fellow vegan — disagree with:

  1. Vegans who won’t date non-vegans. This is so ego-driven it’s sickening. You are alienating yourself from others and acting superior. It’s also a missed opportunity. If you date someone who isn’t vegan, you are exposing him/her to vegan foods and helping animals by getting a meat eater to give up meat meals a few times a week. It’s like how plant-based eaters go for their Meatless Mondays. It is NOT a bad thing and shame on you vegans for judging others. Date whoever you want! Do not listen to kooky vegans!
  2. Vegans who don’t keep cats as pets because cats can’t be vegan. This is just wrong. Yes, farm animals deserve to live, but so do our pets. Cats can survive outside, but the odds are against them. If you live in a city, they can get hit by a car. If you live in the country, they could get attacked by coyotes. It’s a thin line here, but not everything is black and white. It’s gray. When I feed my cats, I say a prayer to the farm animals and hope that someday scientists can come up with a better solution. So shut the fuck up you vegan control-freak hypocrite! I have three cats and they will not be vegans because that is cruelty to animals! I took an old cat out of an animal shelter and adopted him. If you see something wrong with this, you are a cruel, weird individual.
  3. Vegans who alienate themselves from non-vegans. This is weird too. They won’t go to non-vegan restaurants. Or they go and look sad the whole time because they’re not getting the full vegan experience. It’s not about YOU! We are on this planet to get along with other people. Just live and let live. I would like to believe that everyone will become vegan in due time. But why shun others who are not? For whatever reason, they don’t make the connection about why eating animals isn’t cool, but who the fuck are we to judge them? I sound angry because I am angry about how condescending vegans can be. There are MANY non-vegans who do great things for animals, whether it’s donating to shelters, adopting not shopping, volunteering for animal rescues, and so on. Yet, you continue to preach and judge them! Fellow vegans, I am ASHAMED of you, and cringe that I am in YOUR elitist club!

We need a NEW name for the vegans who aren’t this way. Those who are compassionate towards others who aren’t vegans but love animals. Those who admire others who aren’t vegan but who are doing their best. THAT is who I am as a vegan. If you’re not a vegan and you’re a great pet mommy or daddy, I ADMIRE YOU! If you’re not a vegan, but you make an effort eating plant-based meals, I ADMIRE YOU! If you’re not a vegan, but you sign petitions for justice for animals that have been abused, I ADMIRE YOU!

Do not let these OTHER vegans put you down. This is not my troupe! I honestly am disgusted by them. And believe me, while many ARE like that, not all of us are.

I would LOVE to hear from fellow vegans who agree with what I have to say. And for those vegans who don’t agree, I DO NOT want to hear from you, because I’ve heard ENOUGH from you for the past several decades and you are DEAD WRONG! I’m so glad I am not like you!

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta can be reached at: maryannechristiano@gmail.com.

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13 comments on “I’m Vegan and Other Vegans Make Me Cringe

  • Non-vegan here, and I gotta agree with you. Thing is, these people either have an all-or-nothing mentality. You either have to accept the mantra without question; any sign of dissent or questioning is frowned upon.

    As the adage says, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.” At this point, they’re using undiluted Bragg’s ACV with the mother…

    • Great comment, and as much as I love Bragg’s vinegar, I have to agree with you. I applaud anyone who contributes to helping animals, no matter how big or small. Every step counts in my humble opinion. I can’t relate to all their hate towards fellow human beings. It’s as if they are using animals as an excuse. Like a drunk who keeps drinking because his wife left him. It’s not fair to use animals in that way, and psychologically, they are abusing animals because they use them to justify hatred deep rooted inside them. It’s ugly.

  • This is true about all groups, and I’ve even seen this type of behaviour in watch enthusiast groups. Some people think they’re entitled to judge people’s characters based on the watch they wear. Kinda cringy, really. Anyway, glad to have someone reasonable like you!

    • Yes, that is true. When you’re part of a group, you submit to a herd mentality and lose your own individual thoughts. I guess it’s easy for people to have others think for them. And it’s a vehicle to express hate if you not think exactly like them. True individuals, and leaders, do not go this route. Thanks so much for your intellectual comment 🙂

  • I totally agree, I’ve been vegan for over 10 years now. When I started being vegan I went to many meetings where vegan people shared their opinions, shared recipes and many other things but at the end of the day it was always in order to recruit new vegan people to make extremist activism.
    In these 10 years I’ve been criticized and been kinda bullied when people knows I’m vegan, even i feel cringe when I say I’m vegan because people think I won’t stop talking about veganism and I will try to convince them to become vegans, but with the time they notice I’m not that type of vegan.
    When people offer me non vegan food, and I don’t accept it sometimes I have to tell them that I’m vegan and I feel cringe when I say that but it is funny when they know for how long I’ve been vegan haha

    • Thanks so much for sharing! Your comment is proof that many vegans make veganism cult-like, but also that there are intelligent ones like yourself who don’t agree with their extreme mindset. I was also bullied early on, when I was just a vegetarian. Back then people didn’t get it, but now more are, which is great. Nevertheless, I’m not getting a vegan tattoo because I don’t want to be in the vegan club. I’m doing it for me. It’s my spiritual journey. Would I love to see everyone be vegan? Absolutely. But who am I do force it down people’s throats, right? Keep up the great work! 🙂

    • Yes and it’s insane. You’ll see them on every vegan group or board, INSISTING cats can be vegan. I wouldn’t take a chance because I’ve heard they could go blind without a meat diet.

  • During our annual work BBQs, my coworker and his wife — vegans both — would bring all of their own food, along with their own grill, as their food couldn’t touch the other non-vegan foods. That’s my vegan story.

    • You’re right, it puts people off because they feel judged. When I tell people I’m vegan, I immediately follow up with, “This is my journey, I don’t judge others who don’t eat like me…” and they become more interested, asking me questions and going out of their way to find vegan items for me when it comes to eating food together. 🙂

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