Nuns Tribute

Published September 6, 2022 by Maryanne
Kristine Yitref, Maryanne Christiano

Throw-back, Halloween 2002, NYC, with Kristine Yitref (RIP)
I was 39-years-old and honored to perform onstage, as a dancer, with The Nuns, in NYC. The Nuns go way back. They opened for The Sex Pistols, 1977, along with the Avengers in San Francisco.
The girl in the photo with me was Kristine Yitref. She was a doll. ❤
I loved working with Kris and Jennifer Miro, original Nuns member.
I got the gig after interviewing Jennifer Miro for my gothic column in The Aquarian Arts Weekly. She invited me to perform onstage with her, “If you dare,” she said.
And I said “yes!” What a great night it was!!
Jennifer and I kept in touch via emails for years. We kept saying we’d go for a drink, but never got around to it. In 2007, Kristine Yitref was murdered in Times Square — she was only 33; and in 2011 Jennifer Miro died of breast cancer at age 54. Original Nuns member, Jeff Olener, who was also onstage with me that night, died in 2014.
(Photo by Ed O’Brien).

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