Four Things Meat Eaters Need to Shut Up About

Published September 17, 2022 by Maryanne

It’s been over a year since I’ve been vegan. And it’s been over a year that I’ve heard the same things over and over and over and over from meat eaters. It’s at a point now where it’s so redundant I can scream! Dear Meat Eaters, does it ever cross your mind that you are as dull as a clam with these repeated comments and questions? And, do note, I am not speaking to all meat eaters. Some of my best friends are meat eaters (and this won’t fly with fellow vegans, but this will reiterate my first point…

  1. VEGANS ARE NOT ALL STEREOTYPE VEGANS. Yes, I’ve even wrote a blog about this before, how I am repulsed by other vegans–the ones who are pushy, over-assertive, and extremists (like PETA). For the last time, I repeat, we are not ALL that way. Many of us are of a more spiritual, peaceful mindset. Would we love everyone in the world to not eat meat? Of course! But it’s not something I’m going to push down someone’s throat. Whenever someone pushes veganism, we get the ever-redundant response from a meat eater “Yum, bacon!” (Again, why are people so friggin’ PREDICTABLE?! You are all boring me to death!!!) But anyway, that is why I don’t push people because it pushes them in the opposite direction. Instead, I inspire my meat eating friends and family to share many vegan meals with me! “Yum, baked vegan goods” trumps “yum, bacon” any day!
  2. YES, WE GET ENOUGH PROTEIN. I never understand why people are so quick to argue with someone without doing their research? Why are so many athletes and body builders thriving on a vegan diet? If they weren’t getting protein, they wouldn’t be building muscle. They’d be weak and thin. While body building isn’t my goal, I do strive to be strong and healthy. At 59, I do two mini-workouts almost every day. I lift weights — especially my own, with yoga strength poses. I can hold a plank for three minutes. I can also do a side plank, lifting my entire body with one hand. My largest source of protein comes from a clean pea protein powder. I also eat beans, quinoa, lentils, tempeh, and tofu. On the weekends I’ll have the faux meat like a Beyond Burger. It’s not the cleanest food, but it’s better than artery clogging meat (and more important, I’m saving the lives of animals).
  3. WE ARE NOT LIMITED! The first time a woman said to me “You’re limited” I almost laughed in her face. With thousands of fruits and vegetables in the world, how on earth am I “limited”? I’m one year and one month into veganism, and not once have I made the same recipe twice. In fact, I never enjoyed food so much! And even with the vegan treats on weekends, my last two rounds of bloodwork were excellent! Prior to veganism, I was borderline anemic, had thyroid issues, sugar handling issues, sinus allergies/headaches, borderline high cholesterol, and borderline high blood pressure. Now, I am PERFECT! I also think I look better, my hair is thicker, and I don’t have any skin issues (prior I had dry spots on my feet, elbows, and sometimes face) My eyesight also improved!!
  4. SUPPLEMENTS Yes, I take supplements. I took supplements even before I was vegan. It’s just a precaution for me. It’s my decision. Many people take supplements including meat eaters. Beauty guru Oleda Baker, who is not vegan, has her own line of supplements. Paleo advocate Dave Asprey once wrote on Facebook the vast amounts of supplements he took. If you don’t believe in supplements, fine, I won’t argue with you, but do not put me down for taking supplements because I’m vegan. It’s not a vegan thing. For me, it’s a security blanket to make sure I’m getting everything I need. I am a super busy self-employed person. Sometimes I travel for business. I don’t always have the time to meal plan. Sometimes I leave the house without packing a lunch because I forget. Sometimes I’m out to dinner with friends and pasta is the only vegan option. So if you want to argue, supplements vs. no supplements — argue with everyone who takes them, not just vegans.

And, in conclusion, As Winona Ryder once said, “Why can’t we all just get along?” I agree to that. I’m a lover, not a fighter. But sometimes when you get bombarded with people saying the same thing over and over, like the cliche, “a broken record” you have to put your two cents (another cliche) in and tell it like it is.

We may not all think alike, but if something is working for me, why would someone want to come along and shit all over it? Why are people so unhappy? Me being vegan is my spiritual journey. If other vegans are “forcing” their opinion on you, why are you so ignorant to attack ME? It’s like the kid who gets abused from his parents then goes to school and bullies the small one. It’s just not right.

When you talk to people, whether in real life, or on the internet, do a little more listening than yakking. You don’t have to agree with someone but you don’t have to fight with them, attack them, or prove YOUR point. Agree to disagree, and move on. And most of all, please stop being so redundant!! You’re all like the people who ask me “How’s Gilligan” because my name is Maryanne. Say something different, be unique, listen to other Queen songs besides “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

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