Shame on Stitch Fix and Other Clothing Subscription Boxes — A Great Big SCAM!

Published October 28, 2022 by Maryanne

Photo by Andrej Lisakov

Having a personal stylist may seem like a dream come true. It’s not.

I’ve discovered subscription boxes during the pandemic, when people weren’t going out as much as they used to. I was always one to pick up a cute dress or jeans, here and there, at small dress shops, aka boutiques. Maybe around Christmas time I’d shop in a mall. I never shopped online before. A subscription box was a dream come true. Or so I thought.

I’ve tried several of them and they were all fails. Early on I was ripped off $55 from Nordstrom Trunk. They said I kept an item that I sent back. Daily Look had equally horrible service. For awhile I enjoyed Wantables until their “stylists” got sloppy with me and sent me crap that was similar to Stitch Fix — ugly, matronly clothing that was “bottom of the barrel.”

While I received a ton of horrible clothing from Stitch Fix that I always sent back, I stuck with them because I’d get a gem here and there. However, my last exchange with them was less than desirable.

Stitch Fix charges $20 to have one of their “stylists” choose outfits for you, which gets credited towards your “Fix.”

I’ve been onboard with them for about two years and by now they should know what my style is. The last “Fix” was awful. Nothing fit properly and I hated everything. However they refused to give me a refund of $20, not even to use to shop in their online store. Instead, they deactivated my account. Moving forward, I will let everyone know they are crooks! You don’t take money from people for NOTHING. This is a clothing service, not a charity or non-profit! Shame on you Stitch Fix!!

Do not trust Stitch Fix, or any of the following: Wantables, Daily Look, Nordstrom Trunk.

Now that the pandemic is over, you can once again support your local boutiques, or small businesses that have shops on Amazon instead of these horrible subscription places that don’t really care about their customers.

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