Bloganuary Day 10 – Has a Book Changed Your Life?

Published January 10, 2023 by Maryanne

Me, at Cake in NYC, mid-1990s (Book cover by Darlene Foster)

My very first book, “On the Guest List” not only changed my life, but the life of others.

First, let me say, as a person who had a career in journalism almost my entire adult life, I had ZERO interest in writing a book. I loved the satisfaction of writing an article, having it published, and getting paid. And I was so good at it, not only did I make a living as a journalist, I received an award for investigative journalism.

Once I started my own business, Pear Tree Enterprises, in 2008, I had many clients who I helped edit their books and get them to publication. A friend said, “You’re doing this for everyone else, why not do it for yourself?” She planted a seed.

I wrote my first book, “On the Guest List” back in 2013. It was about my adventures as a music journalist.

While writing the book, I blogged about a man who inspired me when I was a teenager. He was an ex-marine and also did the pyrotechnics for The Plasmatics. How does this tie in with my book? Well, the original drummer of the Plasmatics, Stu Deutsche, was the first person to put me “on the guest list.” I met him at a record store and he asked me, “Are you going to our show tonight?”

I told him I was only 17 and couldn’t get in. Back then there were no “all ages” shows. Well, he put me on the guest list, and at age 17, I was in a bar watching the outrageous show The Plasmatics put on.

Anyway, thanks to my blog about this, a young woman contacted me and said the owner of the health food store was her real father. I put them in contact with each other! This story was so heartwarming, it made the local news!

THEN, at my very first book reading/signing, at a local library, I noticed a young girl in the audience who really seemed to connect with what I was saying. We locked eyes several times. I signed her book and we kept in touch.

About a year later, she contacted me and asked if I’d officiate her wedding! It turned at, her date at my book signing was a guy she was interested in. They fell in love and were now engaged.

I became a certified wedding officiant, and their wedding was the best wedding, other than my own, that I ever attended!

It’s amazing how your life can change in a heartbeat. Keep being true to yourself. And if you would like to write your own book, contact me to set up a consultation. My rates are competitive, so serious only need apply! I’m at:

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14 comments on “Bloganuary Day 10 – Has a Book Changed Your Life?

  • Great photo! Very interesting story. I’m really confused about something. Who was the owner of the health food store that you helped reconnect with his daughter? I think I missed something in the preceding paragraphs.

    • Great catch! I purposely didn’t name him because sadly with many beautiful things in life comes drama. The girl’s stepfather was a bit ticked about all this, as he’s the one who raised her. I could see his point, but it’s a shame he choose to shed his negativity on my personal blog (this is not a professional blog, it’s just for fun). I wouldn’t do that to someone. So in order not to create future drama when people use their Google search engine, I didn’t name names. 🙂

      • I understand, you’re right to maintain their privacy. They met through commenting on your blog? I wasn’t sure how it related to the pyrotechnic marine and being put on the guest list. Really cool how your book brought all these people together though. I love that someone asked you to officiate at their wedding!

      • Ah, I see what you’re saying. I was writing about the marine in my blog. He was a pyrotechnic for The Plasmatics (Google them, they were legendary!) And Stu, who was the drummer of the Plasmatics was the first person to put me on a guest list. And he remembered the marine as being his “biggest fan” which I should have included in the blog. So the marine, who was a Plasmatics fan, now owned a health food store and he had posters all over the store! (I really should re-do this blog, but I’m strapped for time this morning, having a client at 10 a.m.). Anyway, thanks so much for reading the entire blog. It’s refreshing to meet a young person who actually reads and doesn’t skim, and provokes excellent conversation! Cheers! 🙂 *Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta * *Pear Tree Enterprises ( * *908-276-1514 (Landline, no texting) * *908-935-7902 (Cell, texting okay, but I don’t check too often) *

      • Thank you! The dots are connected now. That’s really lovely it led to a father and daughter being reunited (although sad that it led to upset as well, and that you got caught in the middle!). I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions! Have a great day. 😊💖

  • 🤘🏼 So good!

    I truly believe music is the one thing that will bring us all together. I love music and do not have an ounce of musical talent within me. I listen to all genres and my playlist is crazy big. My favorite is American Aquarium based out of Raleigh NC. Some of the saddest music you’ll hear 😅

    What a fun time for you to be alive! Big city, great music, and a book deal.

    • So great to hear from a kindred spirit. I also have eclectic tastes in music, and my collection is vast. Thanks for the recommendation of American Aquarium. I’m listening now to “The First Year.”
      My current favorite is Sierra Ferrell. I think you may like her 🙂

      • First Year is off their latest Chicamacomico that was released earlier this year.

        It’s a tune about his mom. She passed not long ago. Their is a lot of heart wrenching pain at that album.

        When I read “Sierra Ferrell” -I thought it sounded familiar. When I opened Music on my phone there it was 🤘🏼
        I have a few and one is Ready Or Not w/ Shakey Graves.

        I finally finished up my book post and got it up. Sure enjoyed catching up here and sharing music.

      • Very cool that you listen to Sierra! I love that song with Shakey Graves too. Nice chatting with you, have a great night!

        *Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta * *Pear Tree Enterprises ( * *908-276-1514 (Landline, no texting) * *908-935-7902 (Cell, texting okay, but I don’t check too often) *

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