Bloganuary – Day 14 – ROAD TRIPS!

Published January 14, 2023 by Maryanne

On a road trip to Maryland to see Cher in concert a few years ago!

My preferred mode of travel is a no brainer — road trips! Yes, I’ve been on a plane more times than I’d like to remember — out of the country, business trips, visiting friends…All fine and good. It’s fun to fly, but let’s just say I like it, I don’t LOVE it like many people do. The best part of flying is always landing. One of my favorite flights was coming home from a trip to Arizona on a July 4th weekend and seeing fireworks from the plane as we were landing. Another was being on a plane when I was a little kid and seeing the moon so close! And everyone remembers their first time flying alone. Maybe that’s why I’m not a fan, I flew too many times alone. Turbulance. Stuck in an ice storm where the plane circled endlessly until it was clear (frightening!) Being stuck in an airport for eight hours because of a flight delay due to bad weather. Not for me.

But a road trip? YAY!

I loved road trips since I was a little kid. Driving down to Florida each summer with my grandparents and sister. A trip that could take less than a day was turned into three days. We’d watch the scenery, play games, stop in random hotels. It was super fun. Then as a teenager my family took a trip across the country and back to New Jersey. In just three weeks we visited 22 states!

As I got older, I’ve taken road trips with so many friends. It was always fun, magical, and bonding. If I took a road trip with a friend, I felt that made them a good one. After all, you spend so much time together on a road trip, you have to really like each other.

When I first started dating my husband, Dennis, I was thrilled that he shared the same passion for being on the road. As an added bonus, we love music so we can enjoy a CD or a favorite radio station on long trips.

Another reason I prefer road trips to plane trips is I love the comforts of home. I’m not much of a rough-it person (though I’ve been camping a few times). I like to pack as much crap as I can. Outfits for any type of weather we may encounter. At least one super cute dress if we go somewhere fancy. And shoes that are appropriate for something physical like long walks or being on a boat. On a plane, packing isn’t so generous. And the whole security thing always freaks me out. I remember on one of my solo travels I had to BEG security to not dump my costly hypoallergenic make-up.

On a road trip, you can changes courses if you choose to do so. You can be more spontaneous. And you can come home earlier if you like. (Though that never happened. However, I remember paying extra to take a plane ride home a day earlier because I just wasn’t digging the trip I was on.)

Road trips are cool because you see so much. The United States is absolutely beautiful. Not only is each state different, but sections of each state is different. You could travel the entire state of New Jersey in less than four or five hours. But stop in each historic town and you’ll get a taste of local charm. Some towns are artistic and trendy, whereas others are what my grandmother would call a “one horse town” where not much is going on.

As I write this, I realize something that is a big deal. While I’ve taken flights alone, I never went on a road trip all by myself. I’ve taken very long drives alone, almost two hours, for business, but not a road trip overnighter. Perhaps that is something to put on my to-do list. Though as I get older, the more I realize, there is truly no place like home. 🙂

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10 comments on “Bloganuary – Day 14 – ROAD TRIPS!

  • I want to go on a solo road trip too. And I completely agree with road trips allowing more flexibility point. I am a rough-it-up person who likes doing whatever the hell I want when doing something. Nothing can match the thrill, freedom, and fun one gets on the road.

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