A Shout Out to Happy Healthy Vegan/Lovespirals

Published March 25, 2023 by Maryanne

Anji Bee and Ryan Lum of Happy Healthy Vegan and Lovespirals

A few months ago I came across a very cool, inspirational You Tube channel, Happy Healthy Vegan (https://www.youtube.com/@HappyHealthyVegan).

I’ve been vegan almost two years now — steady! (I say “steady” because my journey began in 1986, and I haven’t had pork, lamb, or veal ever since. But I kept going back to fish and cheese. What was steady though, was giving up products testing on animals in 1996).

I wish I found Happy Healthy Vegan channel sooner. Anji and Ryan are extremely informative and a perfect testimony to just how healthy it is to be a vegan.

I love that they are in my age bracket and music people. I was thrilled when I learned they were in the band Lovespirals! Over 20 years ago, I came across their music by chance. I worked at a local newspaper, The Montclair Times. Our paper had a music column called “On That Note.” Any reporter could write for the column, but I was the only one who wanted to, so I received free CDs from countless labels.

At the time Lovespirals were with Projekt Records, founded by Sam Rosenthal. I was honored to give great reviews to Lovespirals in a few of the On That Note columns. I have some of their work in my vast music collection and now that I’m reminded of them again, I put in an order to the Easter Bunny that I’d like to find more Lovespirals CDs in my Easter basket, along with vegan chocolate and kombucha! In fact, in time I’d like to collect ALL the Lovespirals CDs, as there are PLENTY! YAY!

But back to Happy Healthy Vegan … I’m just so jazzed about this couple because I can resonate with them. Too many vegans behave holier than thou and it’s a turn off. Ryan and Anji seem like me (and my husband), accepting of people wherever they are at in their journey. I mean, you just can’t go around calling non-vegans “murders.” It’s a huge turn off and will make people not want to become vegan. You have to be chill, like Ryan and Anji!

Little by little, I’m going backwards to check out the earlier videos. There’s over a thousand so I may never catch up! But it’s cute learning about a couple that lives a lifestyle similar to my husband and I. Their home looks a bit like ours, with all the albums and lava lamps. They choose to be child-free. And they have cats! (If you’re a cat lover like me, it’s so cute seeing a cat get in the video. I love that!)

I’m also inadvertently following Anji’s hair routine, as I’m growing out the processed portion and going back to my roots (as always, pun intended!) Right now I’m in the ombre stage with the roots being several inches and the brassy (former magenta) portion is on the bottom. I get compliments, but I can’t wait to be all dark haired again! It’s inspiring to see Anji’s natural hair. She’s a beautiful woman, almost my age, who also doesn’t wear a lot of make-up or fake eyelashes or do other unnatural things to her face like Botox or fillers. Go Anji! That’s my gig too — totally!

And also like my husband and I, they eat mostly healthy, but they will go out to restaurants and try vegan treats. One of my favorite episodes, so far, was an older one where Anji had a vegan coffee box reveal from Vegan Cuts. She gets so excited about the items. It’s adorable.

Vegan Foodies

Over the years, I’ve done the raw thing (for several years). I’ve done the Master Cleanse. Now I feel best eating the healthiest vegan food with a treat day on the weekend (like going to a vegan restaurant and not obsessing over every ingredient). Seeing this vegan couple eat as I do is a big relief. You don’t have to be raw vegan or doing juice fasts all the time to reap the benefits. Ryan and Anji, who have been vegan over a decade, are living proof of that. They are both vibrant, glowing, and in great shape. Ryan sometimes talks about his blood work and perfect bill of health, and how much energy he has playing basketball and surfing, in his 50s.

My new Saturday morning routine involves watching Ryan Lum’s Friday night live streams “Ask a Vegan” which is a 2.5 to 3 hour You Tube party, where Ryan chats with vegan friends and followers as well as random trolls who sneak in. Ryan handles the trolls with such finesse as he backs up veganism with science and his own experiences living the lifestyle.

If you’re vegan and you haven’t watched the Happy Healthy Vegan channel yet, be sure to check their You Tube channel, which I linked above. Also check out their web page https://www.happyhealthyvegan.org/ …and, of course, their band, Lovespirals (https://www.lovespirals.com/).

Let me know what you think in the comments below 🙂


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