Svengoolie Commission Drawing by Peter Gallagher (Heathcliff cartoonist)

Published May 21, 2023 by Maryanne

My brother-in-law, Joe, is a big Svengoolie fan. For those who don’t know who Svengoolie is, he’s a horror show icon in Chicago, but his show can be seen on Saturday nights courtesy of MeTV. From 8 to 10:30, you get to see an old B-horror film, with skits and songs from Svengoolie. It’s a great party for Saturday nights if you don’t feel like going out.

Every Saturday night Joe gets a pizza and watches Svengoolie. Many nights, especially in the winter, my husband and I watch at home too. Munching that late is something I rarely do, but I may have a shot of a vegan friendly alcoholic beverage.

A few years ago I was trying to decide what to get Joe for his birthday and remembered that I was acquainted with Heathcliff cartoonist, Peter Gallagher. I reached out to see if he’d be interested in doing a commission for me. I was thrilled when he said he would. And since Joe loves cats, I thought it was a good idea to let Peter Gallagher know, and there it is — his Heathcliff touch mixed in with the Svengoolie theme. I think Peter Gallagher went above and beyond!

My husband Dennis, his brother Joe (note the Svengoolie shirt!) and me

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14 comments on “Svengoolie Commission Drawing by Peter Gallagher (Heathcliff cartoonist)

    • Aw, thanks so much! My brother-in-law loves our three cats so they had to be in there, and what better person to draw them than Peter Gallagher!
      And, yes, MeTV has a wonderful oldies line-up.

  • Love love Love Sven! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to dial in lately, but I watched him every Saturday I wasn’t out and at one point, DVR’d any week I wasn’t home. Reminds me of Saturdays at midnight and our local Ghost Host horror show back in the day during the old VHF and UHF days. Same idea, only a creepier host of the movies, though always dropping cornball drag like Svengoolie. I had that shirt, which glows in the dark, but it got lost in a move, oy.

    • Ah, I missed the whole Elvira thing. I was in my 20s and out and about. Maybe I can find her on YouTube or if she has something on DVD. I loved the Elvira movie, and Cassandra Petersen’s book. I saw her in person and she is absolutely gorgeous, I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

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