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Visiting Grandma on Easter

Published April 18, 2022 by Maryanne
Rest in Peace, Mary Mustachio and Gussie Finamore

My grandmother, Mary Mustachio, was my favorite person in the world (prior to my husband). She raised me and when I was a little kid we were inseparable. I did everything with her. Some of my favorite things were: watching old movies with her. She turned me on to some cool ones like “Valley of The Dolls” and “I’ll Cry Tomorrow.” But Easter time was special because she loved “The 10 Commandments.” I remember her telling me about it. She was fascinated by Moses opening up the Red Sea. It was a long movie and we watched it together. We also watched Sonny & Cher, Dean Martin, and Johnny Carson.

Aside from television, Grandma took me to the comic book store every week. Back in the 1970s you could get about 10 comic books for $1. I’d sit on the porch, in the summer time, reading the comic books and eating barbecue potato chips while Grandma chatted with our Aunt Sophie.

Grandma also worked as a short order cook in a tavern. I’d “help” her by putting toothpicks in the sandwiches and filling up coleslaw cups. This is how I earned my comic book wages.

When I grew older, she was my “go-to” person for all my problems. But she was also my biggest fan. Prior to becoming a professional writer, I’d read poetry in coffee shops, art galleries, and even nightclubs. Grandma was always there, right in the front, in her wheelchair, cheering me on. I’ll never forget getting a write-up in the Star Ledger, about performing “dramatic monologues” and how the audience was so captivated “you could hear a pin drop.”

In my grandmother’s eyes, I was “making it.”

Two months after she died, in 1995, I had my first article published. It was in print all over the world.

I mentioned to a friend, “I wish Grandma was around to see this.”

My friend said, “Well who do you think made this happen?”

Grandma was the one person who supported my dreams. But it was beyond that. She loved me unconditionally.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We DID fight. But the beauty of it was, we always made up again and forgot about our fights. This is a rarity. People fight and they don’t talk to each other for months, years, or ever again.

If you’re reading this, please, in honor of my Grandmother, if you are holding a grudge against someone, reach out to them. This is what made my Grandmother a special lady. She was tough and hard and told it like it was; but she was also the kind of person who loved with all her heart.

We need more of Grandma in this world today.

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