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Bloganuary Day 9 – The Most Memorable Gift I’ve Received

Published January 9, 2023 by Maryanne

I can’t say it enough — the most memorable gift I received was from God and The Universe. My husband!

We knew each other forever. I used to follow his band when I was a teenager, but we hardly said more than “hello” to each other. I always thought he was good looking, but I was shy and it seemed we were always involved with other people. Then in 2005, the band had a reunion. That is when I had my moment to talk a bit more with Dennis. I was crushing very hard. A few weeks later he called me and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

Now, over 17 years later, we’re still madly in love. He’s really my best friend. We connect on all levels, spiritually, mentally, physically, and intellectually. We both share a love for the most important things in life, animals (mainly cats) and music. We are never bored with each other and can talk — and laugh — for hours. Each morning we both wake up with smiles on our faces, ready to start another day. If we’re apart, we connect via emails throughout the day.

I’m so genuinely happy we are together. I can’t imagine life without him, or with anyone else. It’s truly a blessing to be with your heart and soul mate. I wish this for everyone. The key is, don’t settle!

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