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In Praise of Short Haired Beauties — Part 2!

Published May 17, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7729Rockin’ a short do! 

About three years ago, I wrote a blog that many enjoyed called “In Praise of Short Haired Beauties”

I wrote the blog the day after my husband and I were watching an adorable 1980s flick, “Some Kind of Wonderful” and my most awesome husband commented that Mary Stuart Masterson, who played the short-haired tomboy was cuter than Leah Thompson who played the school heartthrob with the long bouncy hair.

When I wrote that post three years ago, I was still a long-haired girl. Then something happened. Last year I published my first book. At the same time, I became successful as a public speaker. I was taking pictures left and right to document all my book signings … but also to further promote my career in public speaking. When I looked back at most of the long-haired photos, while a lot of them looked super, there were also many that my hair was up in a bun or in a ponytail because I was hot, or thought my hair looked better away from my face. You see, my face is small and it gets lost in a lot of hair. This was always my problem. So I felt prettier with my hair in a ponytail, braids, or up.

I finally took the plunge and cut my hair last November. It was halfway down my back when I got it just above the shoulder. It looked (and felt) so much better that I kept on an eight week schedule for maintenance. When I neglected that eight week schedule and saw how bad my hair looked, in a bun, with half of it hanging down because I didn’t have enough hair spray to keep it up — I said to myself, enough is enough! I not only cut it again, but made an appointment eight weeks from the day, so I can keep it short!

For me, short will always be better. I get more compliments from friends and strangers. Yesterday, for the first time in many years, a stranger (a woman) stopped me on the street to tell me how great I looked.

I posted this picture two days ago, but I like the short hair so much, I’m posting it again!

SAM_7349Loving my short hair!

Short hair just makes everything POP! Your eyes look bigger, your lips look bigger and you look years younger. I’m 51 and would never do Botox. But a shorter hair cut can naturally take years off you! Short hair definitely softens your wrinkles.

My husband loves my short hair too! When I wake up in the morning and it’s all messy, he’ll still be saying, “Look at that great short hair!” Hmmm … maybe next cut I’ll go even shorter?

Here are more of my favorite short haired ladies. ENJOY!

Audrey Hep fawnAudrey Hepburn always had a good face day!

joey-heathertonJoey Heatherton, the sexiest short-haired mama of all!

Isabella rosselliniIsabella Rossellini = perfection!

Angelina shortI miss the short, sassy haircuts Angelina Jolie had back in her rebellious days

farrah-fawcett-medium-length-layered-hairstyle-716x1024Even Farrah Fawcett, known for her luxurious mane, looked adorable in short hair!

And the most exciting thing about short hair is that it grows so fast, so you can look like a different girl almost every day! You can do so many different things with it. Barrettes, scarves, headbands, clips and hats are your best friends.

I’d love to hear from other short-haired ladies! Show me links to your photos below!

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “Be (Extra)Ordinary” which is available on Amazon! 

Angelina’s Jolie’s “Maleficent” — a Fairy Tale with Great Depth

Published March 23, 2015 by Maryanne

maleficent_aAngelina Jolie as Maleficent

Okay, so I’m a little late on the “Maleficent” band wagon. I’m a busy lady, what can I say? So last night as my husband and I settled down to relax, he suggested “Maleficent” as it was On Demand.

I said “Sure,” as I’m always one for a wicked fairytale.

NOTE: CONTAINS SPOILERS, don’t read if you haven’t seen yet.

Then I was more than pleasantly surprised as the storyline developed. A movie, produced by Angelina Jolie, was much more than a fairytale … it was an empowering movie for women. Kudos to Jolie for not only doing a wondrous job acting (her best since “Gia” in my little opinion) but directing too and bringing an important message to young girls: True love exists, but not overnight.

As a young fairy, Maleficent quickly learns the evils of the world, as her love bubble bursts after Stefan, her first and only love, screws her over in order to advance himself in his career. He not only leaves her, but takes her wings to become king.

Maleficent becomes bitter and even more so when Stefan, now King, has a child — born not out of love but out of greed. Maleficent puts a curse on the child that on her 16th birthday, she will fall into a deep sleep and never wake up.

Stefan begs Maleficent for mercy and Maleficent softens the curse, that the child will wake up if kissed by true love. However, the curse is not so soft, as Maleficent, in her bitterness, believes there is no true love.

Stefan sends his child, Aurora, to live with the fairies, so they could protect her until after her 16th birthday. During this time, the fairies don’t do such a great job and Maleficent ends of caring for the child. It’s inevitable that she falls in love with the child — a child she once hated. And the child sees her as her “Fairy Godmother.” As a side note, one of the fairies blessed the child with happy days and to never be blue. (The child is played by Elle Fanning. And earlier by Eleanor Worthington Cox, and Angelina’s own child, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. Young Maleficent is played by breathtaking beauties Ella Purnell and Isobelle Molly.)

And after Aurora falls asleep on her 16th birthday, it’s not the prince who awakens her, but Maleficient, illustrating the true, unconditional love between mother-figure and child.

Though the fairytale does have a happy ending, and Aurora does reunite with the prince, who you imagine eventually does love her.

I absolutely loved this spin on the fairytale, illustrating that true love is not infatuation and that it takes time. It also shows how love can soften the most broken heart and how there is good in all of us.

And there’s even more.

You can read just how deep Angelina Jolie’s version of the story is on Wikipedia:

It’s a haunting, enchanting tale that will stay with you a very long time. The vulnerability Jolie expresses as Maleficent is priceless. The visuals are stunning. And the cast is perfect!