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Todd Rundgren And Other Rockers Celebrate Bowie at Union County Performing Arts Center

Published October 28, 2022 by Maryanne

Todd Rundgren (photo by Dennis Mistretta)

It was a rock-star studded magical night!

My husband and I had 4th row, Todd Rundgren “Celebrating Bowie” Tour at the Union County Performing Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey. (This beautiful old theatre is where they filmed portions of “School of Rock” and I’m always happy to be there!)

In addition to Todd Rundgren, other musical great included: Adrian Belew (Bowie, NIN, King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Talking Heads), and CdB creator, producer, and featured artist Scrote bring Spacehog’s Royston Langdon, Fishbone’s Angelo Moore, and solo artist Jeffrey Gaines with saxophone great Ron Dziubla (Jon Batiste, Joe Bonamassa), Narada Michael Walden bassist Angeline Saris, and drummer Travis McNabb (Sugarland, Better Than Ezra).

With a cast of such great talent, so many Bowie songs were done to perfection. I loved the way the show flowed from one song into another without any talking, until near the end when the band was introduced. Throughout the show, some songs got me choked up, like Sound & Vision, Starman, and All the Young Dudes; others made me dance in my seat, like DJ, Boys Keep Swinging, and Blue Jean.

But the real magic happened when Let’s Dance got half the audience up from their seats. This was my opportunity to go to the front of the stage, where I remained until the end of the show. The last song before the encore was All the Young Dudes. I turned around to see my husband smiling and waving to me. I motioned him to come to the stage with me. Arm in arm, we experienced the magic. It was a heartfelt moment, that song is the truest Bowie classic.

As an encore, the audience went wild to Suffragette City and Heroes.

Here is the set list and more photos!

Todd Rundgren, and Angeline Saris on bass (Photo by Dennis Mistretta)
Adrian Belew (Photo by Dennis Mistretta)
Jeffrey Gaines (Photo by Dennis Mistretta)

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