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Site Stats Through the Roof!

Published April 24, 2013 by Maryanne

site stats

Monday and Tuesday of this week my site stats were higher than ever — practically through the roof!

I almost cringed thinking the reason was for my vent on the ever-so-unprofessional-bad-customer-service-supermarket, Whole Foods. Maybe someone higher up was reading my blog and something would be done — finally?

Uh, no.

Truth be told … all of a sudden several hundred people started reading a blog I wrote last January on Angelyne, the 1980s Billboard Queen:

I was like, Whoa! Why the sudden interest in Angelyne? Did she die?! I hope not!

No, Angelyne is alive and well. But the latest news is that the beauty queen took a tumble:

Amazing that a little old lady falling brought so much attention to my blog! I’m glad she’s okay. I think she’s great. Anyone who spends so much time and effort on their looks in order to keep their persona going after all these years is A-OK in my book. I’ve always admired those walking work of art types, especially since I’m just the opposite, more of a blow and go kinda gal  (well, not so much “blow” anymore, as I haven’t used a blow dryer since Hurricane Sandy!)

Love you Angelyne!


Whatever Happened to Angelyne, the Billboard Queen?

Published January 27, 2013 by Maryanne

Angelina billboardSunset Boulevard billboard

Yesterday I was in one of those “Whatever Happened To?” modes and was thinking about Angelyne, the billboard queen of the 1980s who became a Hollywood icon by having a billboard of herself.

Her life was pretty mysterious and you can’t find too much information via Google.

She came from out of nowhere but did a few music videos (really good, like a cross between Blondie and Missing Persons and Berlin) and cameo appearances in movies, most famous, “Earth Girls are Easy.” But then she also did some low budget films in the 1970s. She also sang in a band called Baby Blue.

Angelyne didn’t have a rich husband who paid for these billboards, she was single and said the money came from investors. She was also a candidate in a 2003 California recall election.

No one knows the  real age of this eccentric lady. In some recent photos she appears elderly with a ton of plastic surgery and make-up, but according to a Los Angeles register of voters list, which only has her first name, it said she was 44 in 2007, which doesn’t make sense considering that she was making films in the 1970s and was already an adult.

In 1996, The Neurotic Ousiders played tribute to her with their song, Angelina. I knew who they were singing about immediately!

And in 2012, her most famous billboard was used in the movie, “Rock of Ages.”

angelyne-2Angelyne in recent years, still driving her pink Corvette, with vanity license plate of her name

If you “Google” you’ll find so many cool things about Angelyne and discover that she has an amazing fan base. She’s often seen in Hollywood, driving her corvette. She’ll let fans take a picture if they purchase one of her t-shirts, for a mere $20, which she keeps in her trunk.

I think she’s kinda cute and endearing.

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