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Save the Seaside Boardwalk Cats!

Published June 6, 2016 by Maryanne

Seaside CatsPhoto from Megan Meyer’s petition to save Seaside Cats

Please sign this petition which will go to five decision makers in Seaside:

What this is about

From Megan Meyer’s petition:

The Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Organization has cared for the majestic cats of the Seaside Boardwalk by creating a colony system, which provides well maintained shelters and feeding stations since 2012. Through grants and individual donations, over 300 cats have been trapped, neutered and released at no cost to the tax payers. We all love to see the cats under the Boardwalk but the way they control the rodent population in this tourist hot spot is of huge importance. Recently, the board members who work tirelessly each day to feed and maintain the colonies, have been stripped of their positions leaving the cats without the care they are used to or supportive people who would do anything to protect them. Please sign this petition to help the Mayor of Seaside Heights understand how important these cats are to the public who visit this town regularly and love seeing them. Further, to see how the team leading SSHAWO need to be reinstated to their established place helping the cats in a hands in way. With the upcoming camp outs on the beaches-the cats are of critical importance against rodents that might move in. TNR works and this group is a wonderful part of the town of Seaside Heights. Please sign and share with anyone who comes to the Jersey Shore.

R.O.A.R. Receives Thank You from Farm Sanctuary!

Published September 26, 2015 by Maryanne

R.O.A.R.Official R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) t-shirt

Last month, non-profit organization R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) has raised $550.

Inspired by the death of Cecil the Lion, our original intent was to raise money to make July 1 (the date of Cecil’s murder) a National Save the Lions Day. However, after it was pointed out that there was already a World Lion Day, R.O.A.R. decided to divide the money earned to date among three animal groups: Wild Cru ($250), Farm Sanctuary ($50) and Panthera ($250).

Here is the “thank you” letter we received from Farm Sanctuary:

Dear Maryanne,

Thank you for your generous gift to Farm Sanctuary! Your donation of $50 was received on 9/16/15 and it is already making a difference for suffering farm animals.

As you know, billions of farm animals are victims of the callous, profit-driven factory farm industry. Pigs, cows, calves, chickens, and other farm animals are kept in horrifying conditions that leave them in agony from birth until their last harrowing moments on the slaughterhouse floor.

But people like you are demanding something better for farm animals — and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Each time you support Farm Sanctuary, you remind the world that farm animals matter, that they are individuals with unique and wonderful qualities. They are someone, not something — and they have no business being warehoused and abused in massive factory farms.

With you by our side, Farm Sanctuary will continue to rescue animals from abuse, fight for their protection in the courts, lobby for legislative progress, and inspire millions to make compassionate choices through our public awareness campaigns. And, of course your gift will help rescued animals find a new beginning at one of our three shelters — or with an adoptive family through our Farm Animal Adoption Network.

That’s something to be proud of as we continue working to make the world a kinder place for farm animals.

Thank you from all of us at Farm Sanctuary. We are stronger because of you!

With gratitude,

Gene Bauer

President and Co-Founder

R.O.A.R. is a copyright. It’s a non-profit organization founded by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta on August 1, 2015. Please note, R.O.A.R. is not a vegan group. We feel that you do not have to be vegan to love animals. Meat eaters and hunters (not trophy) are welcome. For more information or to purchase a t-shirt, contact Maryanne at: (Proceeds of t-shirt sales go to various animal rights organizations).

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “Love Cats”

Attack of the Psycho Vegans (Written by a Former Vegan)

Published September 26, 2015 by Maryanne

vegans my food shits on your food

Note: This is about the vegan extreme, elitists. I do have two friends left who are vegan and non-judgmental. This isn’t about them or any sane vegan I’ve yet to meet, but I seriously need to vent for the sake of my health and sanity.

I never thought I’d see the day I’d be writing a blog like this.

First of all, I love animals and I was a vegetarian most of my adult life — 28 years. During those 28 years I tried being vegan several times. However, it didn’t work for me. I’d get to that 10-month mark and all of a sudden I’d get dizzy spells and back aches. Doctors couldn’t explain it. Then I’d be told to “eat some meat.”

Stubborn, I didn’t listen.

But that was back in my 20s, 30s, and even 40s. I got by not eating meat until two springs ago. I was having dizzy spells every single morning. It was suggested by not one, not two, but three holistic health care practitioners that I’d be better off eating some meat. I argued that I hated the taste. “But did you ever have real, grass-fed beef?” one asked.

“No, I hate it.”

Finally after much reading and investigating, particularly in the book “Paleo Manifesto” by John Durant, reading the bad news about soy, I said a prayer to the animals and got some grass-fed beef.

Moving forward, I pray over my food when I eat. In the beginning, I needed a lot of beef to make blood. Within two months I felt better. No more dizzy spells! And for a year straight my blood pressure was finally normal. As a vegetarian, it was always too low, borderline anemic. Now at 52, I feel and look better than I did my entire life!

With the exception of eating grass-fed beef only once a month now, I am still for my animals. I do not buy any products that test on them. My favorite items are Gabrielle Lux mascara and Mineral Fusion.

Friends who waved the vegan flag — well, now I’m down to just two because the rest were so freaking judgmental about me eating meat they are no longer friends but we’ll get to that in a second — were still wearing mascara that tested on animals “because it’s cheap”; still drinking wine that is processed through a bone char filter (they had no explanation for that one, they just turned it back on me, calling me a murderer); and eating cheese (that uses animal rennet) while pointing their fingers (can someone please tell me why it’s okay to eat the lining of a sheep’s stomach but not a piece of grass-fed beef?)

Hypocritical? You bet!

And it goes on and on and on and never stops. Vegans turn a blind eye not only to their own sins, but their own insanity. They defend animals, but aren’t other human beings animals too? Hello, I was once your friend! We broke gluten-free bread together. But now that I’m old and need a different kind of fuel in my gas tank — because soy and grass ain’t cutting it for me anymore — I should be scorned and harassed? Should I not be healthy to take care of my cats? Should I not be healthy to stay alive and keep buying products that don’t test on animals? Should I not be healthy so I can continue operating my animal rights group that is anti-trophy hunting?

No, I guess not. Because for two months I’ve been verbally abused on-line for having an animal rights group and not being vegan. I retaliated by making fun of psycho vegans because this is how I deal with stress — I give assholes a taste of their own bad medicine.

Well, a vegan “friend” didn’t like this and took offense. Instead of seeing that I was hurting and reaching out instead she chose to lash out  — true vegan style: not making sense, just seeing it her way, being self-absorbed and making it all about her (oh, by the way, this is the one who uses cheap non-cruelty free mascara).

I explained my situation … “Don’t take my venting personally. It’s not about you. I am just so drained of vegans telling me I can’t have an animal group because I eat meat once a month. I am so drained of vegans insulting me, putting me down and bullying me.”

If you slap a dog in the face enough times, the dog is going to bite you back. It’s a no-brainer. But vegans are so cult-minded, they don’t see other human beings as people … people who bleed, hurt, and cry out. In other words — heartless. YES, vegans are heartless. Anyone who can treat another human being like a piece of shit and then go on with their lives is not a nice person.

Now, the “friend” I mentioned previously …  A year ago she had financial problems. She was a single mom. I felt bad and created a children’s program so she could use her talents and make some money. I got us booked in many libraries, especially during Earth Day. Thanks to me, she made a lot of money. And in her last email to me, the bitch had the gall to write, “Since you make fun of vegans, I don’t want to be your friend anymore, but we can still work together.”

That blew my mind. A male friend said, “She has balls!” He was just as shocked as I was. Wow. Just WOW!

Then it dawned on me … this is why it’s nearly impossible to be friends with most vegans. They’re not capable of being a friend. They use animals as a clutch. I don’t even think they really love animals because I’ve seen a few vegans around animals and it’s weird … they don’t swoon the way non-vegans do.

Extreme veganism is a religion. But don’t call them “religious.” That’s another vegan “no-no.” Last year around Christmas time, the vegan “friend” went on an anti-Jesus rampage. As someone who believes in Jesus, I was offended, but I live and let live. I never questioned her motives, I let her have her rant (like a good friend would). Shame she never gave me the same consideration.

Extreme vegans are insecure people who are using a title to give themselves a sense of belonging. They are searching, but somehow hit a wall because they can’t go beyond what is black and white. This is where the cult-mindset and irrationality comes in. This is why even an animal lover like myself can adore someone like hunter Ted Nugent who takes it to the other extreme, but at the moment can be the voice of reason because you’re so sickened by these holier than thous who drive you to the point of insanity, making you want to grasp on to anything that is the complete opposite of what they are. Kinda of defeats their purpose, right? How ironic for them.

The reality is not everyone can be vegan or vegetarian. My mother is a vegetarian, but when she had open heart surgery, she had to have a cow valve. A cow saved my mother’s life. And here is a woman who called Johnson and Johnson and told them they were “disgusting” for testing on animals. Here is a woman who raised a beautiful Chihuahua that lived 15 years (much longer than the average Chihuahua life span because of all the love she gave her!) Just like my cats. My Billy Cat lived to 19. And now my Derick is 19 and still going strong. If I wasn’t a good person who treated animals with utmost respect, these cats would have been long gone.

But extreme vegans don’t see this. They just want to be haters. And judge. And bully.

And now, let me go one better on you … During my 28 years as a vegetarian, from age 23 to 50, I never judged anyone for eating meat. In my late 20s I had a long-term relationship with a hunter, who froze the deer meat and fed his family. He was a beautiful animal lover. We actually rescued many animals together who we saw wounded in the streets. It was simply meant to be because those animals were right in our pathway, waiting to be saved.

It’s the same thing now with me and my husband. I can’t count how many times we’ve rescued animals together. The cutest was a recent incident when a family of baby raccoons were trying to cross the street. I stopped traffic and my husband guided them into a safe wooded area! It was the most adorable thing!

I know many meat eaters who are also animal communicators. They have an incredible, admirable bond with animals. It’s super inspiring to see that. These are helpless, little babies who need us. And we need them just as much because they provide a safe haven. They are not just animals, they are little souls.

And so are humans …

So don’t forget this, Dear Vegan Extremist, the next time you want to hate and lash out. Take your ego somewhere else. Have a little taste of some humble pie (lard-free of course!) and stop with the judgements. Do a little research. Know that you are not always right and your way isn’t the only way. Just because I’m not a vegan, you have ZERO right to tell me I don’t love animals. Try telling that one to my cat! He’ll turn his nose up at you — for sure!

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the founder of R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights), a refreshing animal rights group that isn’t vegan! She’s also the author of “Love Cats” available on Amazon in paperback or kindle editions:

R.O.A.R. receives “Thank-You” Letter from American Oxford

Published September 22, 2015 by Maryanne

R.O.A.R. t-shirtOfficial R.O.A.R. t-shirt

Last month, non-profit organization R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) has raised $550.

Inspired by the death of Cecil the Lion, our original intent was to raise money to make July 1 (the date of Cecil’s murder) a National Save the Lions Day. However, after it was pointed out that there was already a World Lion Day, R.O.A.R. decided to divide the money earned to date among three animal groups: Wild Cru, Farm Sanctuary and Panthera.

Here is the “thank-you” letter we received from American Oxford:

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am pleased to acknowledge the receipt of Respect Our Animals’ Rights generous gift of $250 to Americans for Oxford, Inc. We recognize the request for the Directors to allocate the gift as follows:

$250 – WildCRU – In honor of Cecil the lion

At our next quarterly distribution meeting, we will give full consideration to your expressed wishes. For your information and records, no goods or services were provided by Americans for Oxford, Inc. in exchange for your gift. We also ask that you keep this letter with your tax records.

Many thanks once again for your generous support.


Neil Simpkins

R.O.A.R. is a copyright. It’s a non-profit organization founded by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta on August 1, 2015. Join us on Facebook:

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “Love Cats”

Guest on Phoenix Rising Show

Published September 21, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_8595Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

I was honored to be a guest on The Phoenix Rising Show cable show this morning, with host Phoenix Redhawk.

The show was televised live in Riverhead, Long Island and those who missed will get to see the show on You Tube in the near future.

Phoenix Redhawk and I discussed my animal rights group R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights), Cecil the Lion, and my latest book, “Love Cats.”

Stay tuned for links to the You Tube video of the show!

Special thanks to my very good friend Joan Bunda, who provided transportation and t-shirts. And very special thanks to cameraman Ryan.

For more information on R.O.A.R. and t-shirts, visit:

To purchase “Love Cats” (Kindle an/or paperback) visit:

SAM_8602Left to right: Joan Bunda, Phoenix Redhawk, Maryanne

SAM_8605Left to right: Ryan (camera), Phoenix Redhawk, Maryanne

Appearing on “Phoenix Rising Show” Monday, Sept. 21

Published September 19, 2015 by Maryanne

Phoenix RisingAugust 1, 2015, I founded the group R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights). R.O.A.R. is a non-profit organization. We are a group of animal lovers who got together and bonded over the death of Cecil the Lion. We are now doing exciting things for animals such as raising money for animal rights groups, signing petitions, and bringing awareness to the public. R.O.A.R. is a trademark and copy written 2015.

NOTE: This is not a vegan group. Meat eaters and non-trophy hunters welcome as they too have the right to love animals. No judging, no qualifications other than to be pro-preserving the beauty and lives of all animals.

We are on Facebook:

I am honored and humbled, as founder of R.O.A.R. to be a guest on “Phoenix Rising” Monday, Sept. 21, 2015 at 9 a.m.

We will discuss Cecil: the events, the follow-up, and also what you can do as an individual, a couple, and/or a group, to educate and prevent our beloveds who cannot speak for themselves.

There is an epidemic of torture and abuse to millions of different species that do not have the ability to speak up for themselves.

Audience seating available — FREE!

R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) is a copyright and trademark.

R.O.A.R. t-shirt
R.O.A.R. t-shirts!

To get your R.O.A.R. t-shirt, email Maryanne at:

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is also the author of “Love Cats” available on Amazon, paperback and kindle editions:

R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) Adopts a Lion for One Year

Published September 17, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_8557Wild Cat Adoption Certificate

Last month, non-profit organization R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) has raised $550.

Inspired by the death of Cecil the Lion, our original intent was to raise money to make July 1 (the date of Cecil’s murder) a National Save the Lions Day. However, after it was pointed out that there was already a World Lion Day, R.O.A.R. decided to divide the money earned to date among three animal groups: Wild Cru, Farm Sanctuary and Panthera, which gave the option of adopting a wild cat.

Here is the letter from Panthera that accompanied the certificate:

On behalf of all of us, thank you for your gift to Panthera. We received a contribution of $250 from R.O.A.R. in support of our work to protect lions on Sept. 11, 2015 (Check #1665). This donation has symbolically adopted a lion. Thank you for your generosity, your passion for the natural world, and for helping turn one lion’s tragedy into triumph for all wild cats.

The death of Cecil is not the end of his story. Your gift in memory of Cecil can help save lions and other wild cats across the world by training and equipping protected area rangers, disabling deadly traps for cats and their prey, and helping communities live with and value wild cats.

Thank you again for your gift. Your support of the world’s wild cats is invaluable and shines light in some of the world’s most remote areas. Each snare we remove, each forest we protect and each cat we save is backed by your spirit and generosity.

Rebecca Bowen
Chief Development Officer

R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) is a non-profit organization founded August 1, 2015 by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta. We are a group of animal lovers who got together and bonded over the murder of Cecil the Lion.

We are now doing exciting things for animals such as raising money for animal rights groups, signing petitions, and bringing awareness to the public. Come join us, everyone welcome!

Feel free to share your vision and suggestions. Post petitions and your love for animals.

We are on Facebook:

Please note: ROAR is not a vegan group. Everyone who loves animals is welcome to support ROAR.

R.O.A.R. copy right 2015.

R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) T-Shirts!

Published September 12, 2015 by Maryanne

R.O.A.R. t-shirtR.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights)

R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) is a non-profit organization founded by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta on August 1, 2015. We are a group of animal lovers who got together and bonded over the murder of Cecil the Lion.

We are now doing exciting things for animals such as raising money for animal rights groups, signing petitions, and bringing awareness to the public.

So far we’ve raised $550 which was divided between Wild Cru, Panthera and Farm Sanctuary. (Originally we were raising money to have a National Save the Lions Day, but changed our focus when we realized there already was a World Lions Day).

NOTE: We are not a vegan group as we believe you do not have to be vegan to love animals.

Portions of sales of R.O.A.R. t-shirts will be divided up and donated to various animal organizations.

For more information on getting a t-shirt, email Maryanne at:

“Guest List” Reading at Rock ‘n’ Paws Benefit for ASPCA

Published June 15, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_4917Rock ‘n’ Paws

Congratulations to Ashley Valentine and Nataly Patino for hosting a most awesome event, “Rock ‘n’ Paws” Saturday, June 14, at 10th Street Live in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

I’m honored that Ashley invited me to read from my book “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” which features stories about the late Wendy O. Williams of The Plasmatics who was a vegetarian and Joan Jett, an animal rights activist.

I’ve been a vegetarian since 1986 and shopping cruelty free since 1996.

It was an amazing event with a lot of great music! My favorite original band of the evening was New Politicians, who resembled Interpol.

I sold copies of “On the Guest List” after my reading and donated portions of proceeds to ASPCA.

SAM_4889Art for Animals!

SAM_4890I love my supportive husband!

SAM_4907Reading from “Guest List”

SAM_4913With gorgeous host, Ashley Valentine!

SAM_4919Thanks to this beautiful lady for buying two copies of “Guest List”!

SAM_4923With adorable co-host, Nataly Patino

A perfect night of mixing fun and pleasure — all for a good cause!

To donate to ASPCA visit:

To purchase copies of “On the Guest List Adventures of a Music Journalist” visit:

RIP NJ Senator Frank Lautenberg, a True Friend of Animals

Published June 4, 2013 by Maryanne

Sen. Frank LautenbergSenator Frank Lautenberg

It’s a sad day in New Jersey, as we lost our state Senator, Frank Lautenberg, who did so many wonderful things. Here’s a nice piece from the NY Times:

And this morning I received a beautiful email from the League of Humane Voters of New Jersey.  My heart goes out to his loved ones. May he rest in peace.

A True Friend of Animals, and a True Loss: 

Senator Frank Lautenberg

U.S. Senator Frank Lautenberg died of viral pneumonia early today. He was 89 years old. The only surviving World War II veteran in Congress, the senator has seen real fighting and suffering. As press and colleagues laud his many legislative accomplishments, they overlook one of Frank Lautenberg’s abiding concerns: the enlightened and humane treatment of animals; the relief of animal suffering. 

Senator Lautenberg was never too busy, or too wary of vocal interest groups, not to care about animals. He never looked the other way. He cared about wildlife suffering compound fractures, or chewing off limbs, to escape the agony of steel-jaw leghold traps.   The unethical and ecologically damaging practice of shooting black bears over bait on federal land bothered him, and he introduced legislation to halt the practice.

 As relayed by the Humane Society of the United States, Frank Lautenberg achieved a perfect score on animal protection legislation. On so many issues, he stood against ignorance and cruelty, and for humane sensibilities.

 He championed non-lethal co-existence programs for black bears and Canada geese. He repeatedly spoke out against bear hunts based on little factual foundation. In 2005, Senator Lautenberg wrote the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection: “I urge you to reconsider possible viable alternatives to this hunt. This is a divisive, controversial issue in our State and I ask that you do everything in your power to avert a hunt, and to expand upon recent bear-proofing initiatives in New Jersey and give them an opportunity to work.” 

 The Senator promoted non-lethal deterrent programs for Canada geese as an alternative to the unnecessary, crude gassing of this majestic bird.

 The senator cared about companion animals, animals raised and slaughtered for food, or used for experimentation. In the halls of power, where for so many animal lives count for so little, they had a true friend.

 The superb nature writer, Joseph Wood Crutch, relayed what being fully human is, or should be:

But one bat in a swimming pool is not the same thing as two or

Three hundred thousand at Carlsbad. Because there is only one

of him and one of me, some sort of relationship, impossible in

the presence of myriads, springs up between us. I no longer

take toward him that attitude of nature or dictator. I become a

man again, aware of feelings which are commonly called

humane, but for which I prefer a stronger word, human.

–The Best Nature Writing of Joseph Wood Krutch

Frank Lautenberg, the son of Russian and Polish immigrants, enlisted in the military at 18, and served as a member of the United States Army Signal Corps. He was graduated from Columbia University and founded Automatic Data Processing. He was a United States senator. Above all, Frank Lautenberg, the man and the senator, was that stronger word, human. — EMAIL FROM LEAGUE OF HUMANE VOTERS OF NEW JERSEY