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Recyclables Art Program for Children at Secaucus Library (And Animal Art too!)

Published April 27, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7160“The Recycling Home” created by a young library patron

SAM_7162Children sharing their artwork

(Photo of children used with permission from parents)

Today Lorraine Brown and I presented our children’s art program, “Make Art Out of Recyclables” at the Secaucus Library, Secaucus, New Jersey (

Using recycled paper and various materials, children made cards; some for Mother’s Day and some just used free expression.

We had a fabulous time and look forward to going back! Thanks so much to librarian, Cecilia Mucciolo for having us!

If you’d like to have us present “Make Art Out of Recyclables” at your library (or children’s birthday party), please email me at:

I’d also like to give a shout out to Richard Moglia, whose extraordinary art is currently featured at the Secaucus Library. Lorraine and I have a soft spot for animals, and we think it’s super duper cool that Richard Moglia donates work to help animal conservation!

I tried to find a website for Richard, but came up empty handed. But here’s a cool article I found on him:

Enjoy some of the photos I took of his work:

SAM_7166You know me, I love to monkey around!

SAM_7151Lorraine Brown, loves animals as much as I do!

SAM_7157Portrait of a rescued lab monkey 

According to the note accompanying the photo, she really did smile like this!



“Make Art Out of Recyclables at the Sayreville Library” April 15, 2015

Published April 16, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7108Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta (left)

All photos used with parents’ permission

Children were thrilled to make flags that represented their favorite countries out of chopsticks, recycled paper and origami paper. This program was created by Bridget Briant, of YogaToGo ( and available through Pear Tree Enterprises (

SAM_7109Lorraine Brown (far left, standing)

All photos are used with parents’ permission

SAM_7110Diane Barros (standing)

All photos are used with parents’ permission

Bridget Briant and myself give special thanks to Lorraine Brown and Diane Barros for their extra hands. Lorraine will be creating new recyclables programs beginning April 27. Diane will also be on board as a fill-in.

Find out which libraries we’ll be presenting at for the rest of the month in New Jersey by visiting Pear Tree ( All events are free and open to the public. There are many bookings this month in celebration of Earth Day.

Our program is available to schools and for private children’s parties. For pricing and availability, contact Maryanne at

Make Art Out of Recyclables at Garwood Library

Published February 8, 2015 by Maryanne


“Make Art Out of Recyclables”

(Photo of children used by permission from parent)

“Make Art Out of Recyclables” was held yesterday at the Garwood Library, Garwood, New Jersey.

This program is available for libraries, schools and private parties.

For pricing and availability, contact Maryanne at:

“Make Art Out of Recycables” is affiliated with Pear Tree Enterprises (


Recycling is not only good for the environment. When creative sparks fly, old junk and trash can become a child’s masterpiece!

Whether it’s making robots out of old cereal boxes, dolls out of Q-tips, puppets from old socks, or “designer” footwear from old buttons, children will have a blast at this informative, fun, inter-active class which is geared towards children ages 6 to 10.

Each class is different, according to seasons and materials available. Classes are limited to 20 children, so must have a sign-up sheet. And so that no child gets left out, we do offer discounted “back-to-back” programs.

Class is conducted by award-winning journalist, author and public speaker, Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta with assistance from various artists and teachers who have worked with children.