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Turning My Back on Age 55

Published August 18, 2019 by Maryanne

IMG_8479Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

Today is my last day of age 55.

It’s been an incredible year. My fourth book was published and I wrote a fifth (which will be published later this year). I’ve helped two other people write their books, while I tried to help even more who have given up on the process. Yet I never give up.

It’s been another year of growth, spiritually and creatively. I joined Toastmasters to become a better speaker. I not only won a spot to present a workshop, “Be Your Own Hero,” but I’ve won “Best Speaker,” “Best Evaluator,” and “Best Table Topics.” I’ve continued to present speaking engagements in libraries.

I also started an anti-bullying You Tube channel. And blogging, lots of it for major companies and small businesses.

I’ve loved hard; and I’ve lost hard. Last summer my husband and I took in a beautiful feral cat, Bennie, who chose us to live with during the final months of his short three years. We gave him a happy last few months, then he was put down due to brain cancer. We’ve also lost some friends who died way too young. As well as some high profiles like Shakti Gawain, who has been inspiring me since I found her book in the late 1980s, “Creative Visualization.”

As always, it’s been a year of much fun. Friends, concerts, trips, and lots of laughter. And yet, another cat we adopted back in April–Sammy, with the full name, Samuel Keane Clemens.

I end the year in good health, for which I never take for granted. Young people still tell me, “You look so young” when I share my real age, for which I am always proud of. Many do not make it to 55, so I am so grateful for each day on this planet, and thank the energy we call God or the Universe.

It’s a great life and I’ve manifested it; being in harmony with the universe. Being myself. Being YOUnique. God bless everyone who is a part of my own little world.

Bring on year number 56! I am ready!

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Published August 20, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_21058:19 on 8/19!

It was so bizarre, last night when we hopped in my car to celebrate my birthday, the time was 8:19 on 8/19! I caught this photo just seconds before it was 8:20.

I had an amazing day. My husband took me to Park & Orchard, one of my favorite restaurants in New Jersey:

We stayed in a local hotel for the day and night since we needed to be near home to check the cats, as they are old and need medications. After lunch we stopped at my mom’s work to say hello on my birthday.

At night we went for drinks. I had my favorite Moonstone unfiltered sake. It was an amazing night. After seven years I am still so very much in love with my husband and love our dates. I feel good and happy and a tad hungover, as the bartender brought me that last drink I shouldn’t have had, but glad I did!

One more celebration with my sister next weekend and that’s enough birthday until next year!

What a blessing to be on this planet another year — to inspire, to create, to help others, to enjoy and most important of all to love!

Happy 90th to My Father-in-Law!

Published September 16, 2012 by Maryanne

Me and Pop

Today is my father-in-law’s 90th birthday!

We had a big bash for him last night (I’ll write another blog about that with pictures in the near future!)

Pop is very inspiring because at 90 he: bowls, goes to Atlantic City, drives all over the state of New Jersey, jokes around, dances and enjoys his cigars.

But 90 is nothing because he has older brothers that are in their early 90s and a sister who is 95!

God bless Pop and Happy Birthday to him!