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The Blogosphere Tit for Tat

Published September 27, 2012 by Maryanne

Years ago I was a huge fan of Live Journal. I met friends there who became friends in real life. It was super. But one thing I noticed, that I didn’t care for was that I only heard from certain people when I commented on their Live Journal pages.

After eight months of blogging on Word Press, I’m noticing a similar trend, and I have to say, I ain’t digging it.

As writers/bloggers, let’s be a little bit more honest with each other. I know we’re all busy, so read what you really enjoy, press “like” if you really liked what I wrote — not because I recently liked something of yours.

Honest, it won’t hurt my feelings.

When I first joined WordPress and started blogging, while I was willing to make friends and be supportive of other bloggers. I also decided that I wanted to keep it real as well. I wasn’t going to eat all my time up reading every single blog I subscribed to — even though I subscribe to a ton of them that I find interesting. And if someone didn’t like my blog, but I liked theirs, who cares … I’d still read theirs if I found it interesting. I have zero ego!

All the blogs I subscribe to come to my email box. I either read or delete according to my amount of free time, or whether the first few sentences are enticing to me — but most of the time I don’t even get that far because I’m so busy and I can always catch up later — or not. The bottom line is, it’s no biggie and shouldn’t be.

Admittedly, I do have a few favorites that I read every single one — but, please, I do not want any of you to feel like you have to read my blog in return.

I’d rather have less “likes” but have them be genuine. And nothing says genuine more than a comment (which is why I absolutely adore the people who read that don’t have blogs themselves and are following via email — now that is truly someone who feels I’m a good read!)

And for those of you I’ve become friends with, I like you no matter what. Maybe something you are writing about doesn’t particularly resonate with me, or I don’t have time to read it, so I may pass over it this time around. But if we’re friends for a long time and you’re creating for a long time, when I do press “like” again — it will be that more meaningful, no?

That said, happy blogging, happy reading, and happy “liking” (if you mean it!)