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Another Fun Time at Dead Man’s Curve

Published September 2, 2012 by Maryanne

Hotel Entrance

Dead Man’s Curve is an off the hook hot rod fun-filled event where you can expect: celebrities, the most amazing cars, the best in rockabilly, old friends, drinking — in other words, a lot of fun!

My husband and I started going to the Dead Man’s Curve parties a few years ago and try not to miss them. We got to this one rather late, as it was in Mahwah, an hour drive from our home, and I was sad that we missed The Tarrantinos perform, but we had a blast regardless!

Check out the Eddie Munster doll in the back seat!

My husband (Dennis), Pat Priest (actress, Marilyn Munster) and me!

It was a thrill meeting Pat Priest, a 1960s beauty queen who was in the Elvis movie, “Easy Come, Easy Go.” She is best known as the second “Marilyn” on The Munsters!

This woman was such a doll, the salt of the earth. She was so happy to meet her fans and had a very strong, impressive handshake (and I told her so!)

We also met Butch Patrick (“Eddie Munster”) for the second time. He was super and gave us a free autographed photo of himself. Very nice guy. Both times we met Butch, he made a Gilligan’s Island reference when learning my name is “Maryanne.” I confessed, both times, that I was a Ginger wannabe.

He was so cute hanging around with Pat Priest, as if he is still her TV little brother! Which makes you realize it’s so sad that Pat Priest and Butch Patrick are the only Munsters cast members that are alive. (RIP: Fred Gwynne, Yvonne De Carlo and Al Lewis). That legendary television show, on a steady rotation in our home!

Enjoy the rest of the photos! We look forward to the next event in March 2013!


Happy Munster Day!

Published May 13, 2012 by Maryanne

Maryanne w/Butch Patrick “Eddie Munster”

Maryanne with Candy Clark

Maryanne and original BATMOBILE!

Car show season has arrived!

Kicking off the season is an event my husband and I love to attend each year called, “Dead Man’s Curve.” There are hundreds of hot rods and historic cars, vendors, bands and celebrities from yesteryear.

This year we got to meet Butch Patrick from “The Munsters.” He was super cool. I actually meet him years ago in a bar. He approached me and said, “Hi, I’m Butch.” I just said, “Hi,” smiled and didn’t say much because I am shy. When I’m not in journalist mode, interviewing someone famous, it’s so much easier when my husband is around because he’s great with people.

While my husband took our picture, Butch said, “So, Maryanne, you finally escaped from Gilligan’s Island.”

I said, “Actually, I’m a Ginger wannabe!”

How true! How true! (My favorite episode of “Gilligan’s Island” was when Maryanne got amnesia and thought she was Ginger and sang, “I Wanna Be Loved By You.”)

We met Candy Clark too. She’s best known from “American Graffiti” and I must say, she’s still a fox! Very nice lady and funny as hell. We overheard her telling another fan that she spent some time in Montclair (my former hometown) and she loved shopping for antiques there. VERY COOL!

We got to see the Batmobile (for the second time! And this time I got to go inside!)

There were some great bands too: The Tarantinos, a surf garage band from NYC that did all songs from Tarantino’s movies. And Rockabilly Express played, which featured Brian Setzer’s (from Stray Cats) brother, Gary Setzer. A friend of theirs came up front and did some crazy hula hoop moves.

Finally, we got to check out vendors. I scored an old issue of “Planet of the Apes” magazine and “Dynamite” (an ultra cool publication for teens in the ’70s published in NYC).

Ahh, what a happy day and a great start to car show season! And I just started my tan!