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“Here’s To Your Health” at Mt. Arlington Senior Living

Published May 8, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_7193Photo by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

It was a gorgeous day in New Jersey to take a ride up to Mt. Arlington Senior Living.

This was the fourth time I was hired to present there as a public speaker. It’s a lovely facility and the first place I ever gave a lecture at, back in September, 2013!

Mt. Arlington Senior Living is very health conscious, so for the third time I presented “Here’s to Your Health and the Benefits of Walking.”

As always, the seniors had a great time. This group was very inspiring. Every single person exercised regularly. No one smoked (it’s not allowed in the facility anyway). And some even impressed me with their knowledge of apple cider vinegar and eating backwards (breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper) — something I’ve been doing on and off for ages!

It was so adorable that my lecture was after their Cracker Barrel ( luncheon.

And I got a kick out of their Mt. Arlington Daily News which read:

2:00 Here’s to You Health w/Maryanne

I love how it’s simply “Maryanne” (like “OPRAH” or “CHER”!) Ah … the little things in life, right? You gotta laugh.

Anyway, here is the synopsis for my program:

Here’s To Your Health and the Benefits of Walking Synopsis

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is an award-winning journalist, author and public speaker with a great passion for health and nutrition. She’s the former editor of NJ Health & Fitness magazine and had a health column called “Here’s to Your Health” that was published online. Her work was also published in Skinny News magazine.

Maryanne has interviewed many celebrities about health and fitness including supermodels Oleda Baker and Carol Alt, and health advocates/authors Patricia Bragg, Paul Nison and David Wolfe.

She also had the opportunity to interview Jack LaLanne but he passed away two weeks prior to the interview. Nevertheless, she received a lovely email from his family, praising her efforts.

In her presentation, “Here’s to Your Health and the Benefits of Walking” she offers simple health tips she learned from experts in the health field – and it won’t cost a dime!

Maryanne creates a friendly atmosphere where the audience can participate.

If anyone would like this program for their senior group, senior center, etc. please contact me at: for pricing and availability. Will travel for the right price.


Lecturing on Health, Fitness and Nutrition

Published September 14, 2013 by Maryanne

SAM_2377Me and activities director, Aubrey Evans at Mt. Arlington Senior Living, New Jersey

For the past few years, lecturing on health and nutrition has been a dream of mine, as my passion is health and nutrition and throughout the year 2012 I had three clients who were nutritionists and chiropractors that I’ve helped get gigs lecturing. I thought to myself, if I could do this for others — why not do it for myself? I’ve been a health food advocate since 2003 and writing about health since then. In 2008 I was the editor for NJ Health & Fitness magazine. I had my own health column in the NJ Patch online called “Here’s to Your Health.” And currently I am writing for Skinny News magazine.

Over the years I’ve interviewed many celebrities about health and fitness including supermodels Oleda Baker and Carol Alt and health advocates Patricia Bragg, Paul Nison and David Wolfe. I also had the opportunity to interview Jack LaLanne but he passed away two weeks prior to the interview.

So, needless to say, when Aubrey Evans invited me to speak at Mt. Arlington Senior Living, I was thrilled! In honor of my former health column, I called my lecture “Here’s to Your Health.”

For 45 minutes I spoke to seniors about a few easy things you could do for your health that don’t cost a dime!

I spoke of the benefits of eating slow, not smoking, keeping active and getting a good night’s rest.

But not only did I speak, I allowed the seniors to share their experiences in health and fitness. It was truly inspiring that so many of them were not smokers, kept active (including the ones that were chair bound) and got a good night’s sleep.

They were all wonderful! I enjoyed giving the lecture and they enjoyed me so much I was invited back, late October!

One lady said to me, “You’re really making us like you!” It was so cute. I love the seniors!

My First Health & Fitness Public Speaking Event!

Published August 15, 2013 by Maryanne


I’m thrilled that I will be having my first health and fitness public speaking event next month! It will be at an assisted living facility and I’ll be speaking to seniors about choosing healthy items on the menu and why they are good for you, also motivating them for health and fitness.

I’ve always loved public speaking. One of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done in my life was speaking to a fourth grade class about journalism.  (Not to mention that I’ve done off-Broadway theatre and was a spoken word artist in my 30s).

Most of my journalism lies in health and fitness. I’ve written many articles about famous people in the health field, such as Carol Alt and Oleda Baker. I was the editor of “NJ Health & Fitness” and had my own online health column called “Here’s to Your Health.”

Currently I am writing regularly for “Skinny News” a Bergen County, New Jersey publication on health and fitness.

I’ve been waiting to do this for a very long time and am beyond psyched! This has been a super stellar week for me in business. I couldn’t be happier!

INTERVIEW: Raw Food Author, Mary Jane Humes

Published November 11, 2012 by Maryanne

Raw Food Cook Book Author, Mary Jane Humes

Mary Jane Gives Us the Raw Deal

By Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta

A few months ago I had the opportunity to proofread upcoming “Super Raw Cook Book” by Mary Jane Humes and Rhonda Dunlap. It was an honor to recently interview Mary Jane via telephone for my personal blog. Mary Jane is awesome! We think alike in that while we both are big fans of raw food, we are not vegans. We bonded over our love for raw milk and raw eggs. She even tried a raw egg recipe I gave her which she speaks of in this interview. Enjoy this truly down-to-earth talk with an expert who is living it!  

Mary Jane Humes is one of those lucky people who grew up in a healthy environment. She grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania in the 1970s. Her dad was a farmer and her mom was the type of person that had to have everything homemade. The health bible of their household was “Back to Eden” by Jethro Kloss. “Everybody’s who’s into healthy eating knows about it,” said Mary Jane.

And their family doctor was a chiropractor and a nutritionist who had his own health food store. She said, “In his waiting room, it was always packed. You’d always hear success stories. If people had a cold they’d go to this chiropractor. He did magical things.”

At a young age, Mary Jane was rebellious. “I wanted cupcakes, potato chips … that’s what my friends had,” she said. But that changed as she grew a little older.

“My mother had me when she was thirty-nine,” Mary Jane said. “When I got a little older, I realized my family was older. I wanted to keep them alive and well as long as I could. My mother used to get the catalogs from GNC. They were better way back then. I loved going through them. I begged her to order me Vitamin C when I was ten, twelve [years old].”

And to this day, Mary Jane’s mom is very well because of the years of taking care of herself. Mary Jane said, “When she was younger, she had a lot of stress. She told me she had bad acne. Back then the common thing, chocolate, caused acne. She was a very disciplined person. She’d make a bar of chocolate last a whole week. She had her vitamins. She’d take her vitamins every morning. She’d take unbleached flour … raw sugar. Very nutritionally minded … that’s how I grew up.”

Mary Jane took her mother’s healthy mindset with her throughout adulthood. It was always in the back of her mind. She went on to college and became a nurse, but the medical mindset just didn’t sit right with her. “I was so into natural ways of healing that I just felt to put drugs in people was not the right way. I’m not anti-drugs, but we are just far too dependent on drugs.”

With Mary Jane’s natural background she decided to start a raw food website two years ago:

“Food should be our first supplement, instead of living on junk food,” she said. “I learned so much about raw foods. I learned how to make green smoothies.”

Some of the positive benefits of raw foods, according to Mary Jane, were energy and weight loss. “I was never two hundred or three hundred pounds,” she said. “I’d say I lost thirty pounds. I hate scales. I go by the way my clothes feel.”

Mary Jane swears by her green smoothies. If she starts her morning with a green smoothie, she feels she can pass on candy, although she does allow herself to indulge. “That’s my little secret here,” she said.

But the raw food diet also comes with challenges. “Raw food is not convenient,” she said. “It’s easy to grab a burger and eat it. If I don’t have raw food prepared and ready, I’ll go for something out of a can. It’s prep work. Sometimes life gets in my way. I don’t want to make my own food.”

And traveling is tough too according to Mary Jane. “I’m not a diehard raw foodie,” she said. “If I’m traveling, I’m going to travel light as possible. I want to experience something I can’t get at home. Instead of a stupid t-shirt or mug, I want the food. That’s my souvenir.”

Unlike many raw foodists who are vegans, Mary Jane consumes dairy and eggs. “I’m weird that way,” she said. “Thanks to you, I’ve found great recipes with my eggs, with the raw orange juice.” And luckily for Mary Jane, raw milk is legal in Pennsylvania. She said, “I’m so blessed where I don’t have to sneak around to get it. I’ve always liked milk and thought milk was good for you until I realized the pasteurized was so bad.”

Because Mary Jane consumes raw dairy and raw eggs, she finds it easier to be a raw foodist and considers Carol Alt her favorite raw food guru. “She’s a non-vegan,” said Mary Jane. “That’s almost sacrilegious in the raw world.”

Mary Jane’s upcoming book, which she co-authored with Rhonda Dunlap, “Super Raw Cook Book” is a “work in progress” which she hopes to be published by Christmas in hard copy from Create Space on Amazon. Raw food author and advocate Paul Nison wrote the foreword.

Her future plans include marketing the book and spending more time on her website. Aside from Mary Jane’s raw journey her other interests include tending to her seven animals (three cats, two dogs and two bunnies) and being a Sunday school teacher.