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Celebrating Cat Mommy Day

Published May 10, 2022 by Maryanne
Celebrating at a favorite vegan restaurant

Two days ago Mother’s Day was celebrated in the USA.

Although I do not have human children–by choice–I am the “mom” to three amazing cats. For those who don’t have cats, or don’t view pets as family, you can stop reading now, as you will not relate to what I’m about to say. But for those of you who do see cats as family — read on, this is for YOU!

Taking in these wondrous creatures who put 100 percent trust in us in incredibly rewarding. They are little souls who had a history before us, and it’s up to us to make their lives as comfy as possible. We have to take the time to make the connection. It takes some patience, but in many cases a cat will be as loving and welcoming as a dog.

Our babies are spoiled, but they also know their boundaries. With a firm, but sweet, “No, we don’t do that…” my kitties know not to pounce on the computer when Mommy is working. They do not scratch our furniture because we have scratching posts in most of the rooms in our home.

With tender love, and care, cats can be dream cats. There is no such thing as a “bad cat” — only a stressed or sad cat. Any type of cat can be trained to be a good one. It’s a mutual respect that works both ways.

I’m wishing a Happy (Belated) Cat Mommy Day to all the good cat mothers out there. Thank you for taking the time to put the effort into these sweet babies and giving them great lives! I appreciate you! (And so do your kitties — but you knew that!)


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I Dreamed My Cat Was Alive

Published September 6, 2015 by Maryanne

Billy in the SkyBilly Cat, in Heaven on the Rainbow Bridge

September 3, 2013, my beloved Billy Cat passed away. He was 19. This is the blog I wrote on that horrible day:

For the past two years, I was always sad during the reunion date of his death. Billy was not just a cat, he was family, as you can read in the previous blog.

Last night I believe I was on the Rainbow Bridge, as our baby came back to us in a dream.

It was so realistic, Billy was alive again. The dream felt like a dream. I thought he was a ghost visiting us on his death date. Then it was several days — maybe 20? I said to my husband, “Billy is still here.”

He said, “Don’t question it, just enjoy Billy.”

I said, “There has to be an answer for this.”

Then my husband said that Billy never died. When he was sick he put him under a tree. He heard about neighbors talking about “a cat.” Billy came home to us. He was better and alive.

When I woke up in the middle of the night, my heart was racing. I really thought Billy was alive! Then I realized, my husband never put Billy “under a tree.” We were together on that sad day we brought him to the vet and had no choice but to put him to sleep. Our baby had bone cancer and was down to four pounds. It was the humane thing to do.

I woke my husband up and told him about the dream. We hugged.

I went back to sleep and dreamed:

I saw a cat in the back seat of someone’s car. I opened the car door and there was a key. I turned it so the car could be warm for the cat. It was dark and again — the cat looked like Billy Cat.

Neighbors came out and I told them I wasn’t stealing the car, I just wanted the cat to be warm. A woman picked up the cat and his dark tiger stripes turned orange. It wasn’t Billy.

I woke up again and was so happy that Billy was on my mind so much that I got to dream about him. It was like having my little guy back, even if it wasn’t real, the surreal Billy was extremely rewarding to have.

Damn, I miss that little guy! ❤

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