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Oreos are Not Vegan

Published October 9, 2021 by Maryanne
Photo by Doruk Yemenici

Sugar, cane sugar, and brown sugar are not vegan. They are processed via a bone char filter, just like many alcoholic beverages. I share this because many so-called vegans shame others who eat meat, yet continue to drink alcoholic beverages without doing their homework. This is why veganism is a lifestyle, not a diet. You have to research, research, research. Oreos are said to be vegan. They are not because they have sugar. Always question vegan bakeries and vegan food. I used to not want to be “that person” but in my spiritual growth, I will be “that person” for the animals.

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The Compassionate Jackass

Published December 13, 2012 by Maryanne

Steve OMeatless Steve O.

I love Steve O. and the Jackass crew. Their stunts are mind-blowing and over the years their show and movies have given me  some of the best laughs ever. If laughter is the greatest medicine, these guys have definitely done their share in keeping me healthy — so I have to thank all of them for adding a few extra years to my life.

There is another side of Jackass extraordinaire Steve O. that you may not know about. Steve O. is a vegan, inspired by what happens to animals in the slaughter house.

Even though I haven’t had meat since 1986, I was still incredibly touched by this graphic, devastating video Steve O. made about the meat industry. Like many others who watched it, I was bawling like a baby:

What Came Before: Meet Someone You’ll Never Forget

I’d like to help Steve O. in inspiring at least one person to do something compassionate for the animals, even if it means just having one meatless meal a week.

Earlier today I was reading a very intelligent blog from a guy who wrote about the positives of being a vegetarian. It was great because, like myself, he wasn’t preachy. I’m always of the live and let live mindset and believe that all people will do what they feel is best in their due time.

Meatless since 1986, at age 22, I was never the type of person who would snub my nose at meat eaters. If I was attracted to someone who was a meat eater, that wouldn’t stop me from dating him because I feel that you can always inspire someone. Being with a meat eater does not equal being unevenly yoked. It means you have an OPPORTUNITY! And with that opportunity, it’s best to be smart about it. Do not push, but let others know in a subtle way what they can do to not only benefit animals, but benefit themselves with better health (perhaps).

So while this video is heartbreaking and graphic, by me sharing the link I don’t want people to feel I am judging them. I am just taking a little opportunity to share something I believe in and that is love for animals.

If you do decide to give up meat entirely, please consult your physician. Doing something drastic can be a shock to your system, especially if you have a health problem to begin with. (Which is why some women complain about losing their hair when they decide to go militant raw vegan all at once).  Also, make sure your meals are balanced with a protein at each meal and above all — don’t forget greens!

Every little bit you do helps. If you can’t become a vegetarian for whatever reason, you can always do something good for the animals by buying products that don’t test on them like faux fur; shoes of man-made material instead of leather (your wallet will love you for that one!); make-up like Ecco Bella, Burt’s Bees, and ZuZu.

One step at a time, you’ll get it!

Steve O. with petsSteve O. with pets

Thanks, Steve O., for making a difference!

Note: If anyone has any questions about becoming vegetarian, feel free to email me at: