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Rest in Peace to The Prettiest Star, David Bowie

Published January 11, 2016 by Maryanne

David Bowie - Mick RockDavid Bowie photograph by Mick Rock

My Monday started off beautifully. Really cool comments and emails from great people. Then I found out that falsely accused Coyote Shivers was finally out of jail! And more than thrilled that the magazine I’ve been acting as managing editor for during the past few months is closing this week and our first issue will be out February!

Then I heard the news. It was mentioned in a Mick Karn tribute group that David Bowie was dead at the age of 69. My heart dropped and I had no energy to read anything other than to find out what happened … cancer.

How could this be? The news was kept secret from the press. He just put out a new album. And just a few days ago it was his 69th birthday. My husband and I celebrated by watching the Ziggy Stardust concert.

My husband heard me crying, as my office is next to our bedroom. “David Bowie died,” I said as I cried in his arms. As I am sure many are crying today. David Bowie was an icon to most of us, in our youth. When I was first aware of him, I was probably around 12, reading Creem and Circus magazines. I started buying his records. My all time favorite was “Low” produced by Brian Eno.

In 1984 I saw David Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour, 10th row center at Madison Square Garden. It was the first time I spent a crazy amount of money on a ticket. I even got one of the moon balloons, as the show ended with hundreds of them flying over Madison Square Garden.

Around that same time I saw Iggy Pop perform at The Ritz. I don’t remember if it was before or after the show, but I was walking to the upstairs bar and heard a loud voice, “EVERYBODY MOVE TO THE RIGHT!”

I was scared. I thought someone was hurt. But the voice came from a bodyguard who was accompanying David Bowie down the stairs. The legend walked right past me and I was close enough to see his two different sized pupils in his eyes.

In 1987 I saw David Bowie perform again; the Glass Spider Tour, this time in what was once called Giant’s Stadium in New Jersey.

I had tickets to see David Bowie in 1998, at the Roseland Ballroom in NYC, but he had laryngitis and canceled the show. I didn’t know until I got there, so I took a cab ride downtown to see Shane McGowan perform instead.

I loved Bowie’s movies too, “The Man Who Fell to Earth,” “The Hunger,” and “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” were my favorites.

Almost everyone I know has a story about meeting David Bowie. All the stories are either heartfelt or ridiculously funny. I never met him, but he seemed to be an incredibly kind man with a great sense of humor.

One year prior to her death, I interviewed Cyrinda Foxe, who dated David Bowie while he was with his first wife, Angie. She was in his Jean Genie video. And he was very supportive of her when she had brain cancer, telling her she had to have a “good wig” and making her laugh. Cyrinda spoke to me about Bowie in this interview:

My heart goes out to every Bowie fan out there … this is a very tough day in the music world, indeed.

SAM_9492My moon balloon from David Bowie’s “Serious Moonlight Tour”

 Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” available on Amazon:

Radio Interview for “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist”

Published December 1, 2014 by Maryanne

Cover proof 4

Earlier this year when my first book “Guest List” came out, I did several interviews. This was on of my favorites, on Totally Driven Radio:

It was so cool, talking about the book and sharing such great stories such as the final days of Max’s Kansas, being friends with Cyrinda Foxe and other cool stuff.

To purchase Guest List, visit my publishing company at:

My Guest Slot on Totally Driven Radio

Published May 2, 2014 by Maryanne

Totally Driven

I had such a great time promoting my book “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” on Bay Ragni’s show “Totally Driven.”

Host Bay Ragni was “totally awesome.” He knew so much about music and asked great questions. We talked about Joan Jett, Cyrinda Foxe, original Plasmatics drummer Stu Deutsch, me getting locked in Max’s Kansas and so much more!

The show is now archived so anyone can listen. I’m the first guest:

And to purchase “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” visit:

Book Reading/Signing Bergenfield Library, New Jersey

Published April 22, 2014 by Maryanne

SAM_4053Me and librarian, Don Hansen

I had an amazing time this morning at the Bergenfield Library, where I did a book reading and signing for my first book: “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” (available on Amazon:

It was an excellent turn out! All the seats were filled! For the past several months I’ve been doing a lot of public speaking, but reading from your own book and having people enjoy it and say things like, “You were delightful” was phenomenal!

I shared several stories from my book including: My first concert (Meat Loaf), my friendship with the late Cyrinda Foxe, getting locked in Max’s Kansas City and hanging out with The Bay City Rollers!

I sold several books and I am ecstatic!



I love my lucky “Billy Cat” bag from my friend Shaolin.

I carry the books in here, it brings me good luck!


I enjoyed meeting new people I haven’t met before!

SAM_4059This cool lady told me her kids call her “Metal Mom!”

SAM_4060Friends who actually found me via this blog!

They were at the Annabella Lwin show last fall and saw my blog about the show!



SAM_4063Afterward, with my husband Dennis, my rock!

Radio Show Archive, Enjoy!

Published April 21, 2014 by Maryanne

bringing inspiration to earth

I had so much fun being on Robert Sharpe’s radio program today! It’s now archived, so tune in: ENJOY:

I spoke about being bullied in high school, hanging out at Max’s Kansas, my late friend Cyrinda Foxe, The Plasmatics, Lori Burton and so much more!

To purchase my book, “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” please visit:

EDIT: So cool my friend Eli listened FROM PARIS!


“On the Guest List” PUBLISHED!

Published February 6, 2014 by Maryanne

Cover proof 4Cover design by Darlene Foster

back cover proof 2

I did it! “On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist” is now published.

You can purchase directly from my publisher, Next Century:

Or on Amazon:

I’m super duper excited and even more happy because of all the support I received along the way.

I’m booked to be on a few radio shows. The release party is still in the planning stages.


“On the Guest List” will be released later this month and sold on Amazon!

Published January 8, 2014 by Maryanne

Cover proof 4“On the Guest List” cover design by Darlene Foster

Well, the time has finally arrived! I found a publisher I am excited to be working with and “On the Guest List” will be released and sold on Amazon later this month (as a book only, I am not into Kindle, as to keep with the retro groove of the book and adventures in it!)

People are asking me about book release parties and author expos, etc. Not sure if that’s my scene as I view “On the Guest List” as more of a work of art, than a book, as it’s not coordinated by chapters, but by song titles. Some gave advice along the way, but I disregarded that and went with my heart. I am so happy I did so.

That said, I highly doubt I’ll be on the author’s circuit schmoozing and selling. “On the Guest List” is my precious muse and as Sid Vicious once said, “I did it my way.” And I will continue to do it “my way” thinking out of the box and coming up with ideas not to sell the most books, but to touch the most people who will connect with the book, no matter how big or small that circle is. Not to mention, there’s the whole anti-bullying angle, so I highly look forward to lecturing in schools and conventions about anti-bullying, as I do want to give back to the community as much as possible.

Like so many other generous people, I want to “save the world.” And if my book helps prevent JUST ONE bullied child from committing suicide, my work is done.

What I am thrilled about will be selling my books at Resintopia (  later this year, supporting my good friend Vin Bordogna who is the CEO and founder of the operation. When good people work together, nothing but good comes out of it — and that excites me to no end.

Enjoy the back cover pictured below.. This is the first time I posted it on this blog. Darlene Foster ( went above and beyond the call of duty. And I’m honored beyond belief that I was able to score such positive endorsements from people whose work I’ve admired throughout my life!

Well, count down … it’s only a matter of weeks now!

back cover proof 2

“On the Guest List” Sneak Preview Book Cover!

Published November 15, 2013 by Maryanne

Cover proof 4(Cover Design by Darlene Foster, photo by Ed O’Brien)

Hello All!

I am absolutely thrilled by all the hard work Darlene Foster ( did in putting together the cover for my upcoming book, “On the Guest List.”

She was truly an asset to my vision and went above and beyond my expectations.

It’s such a blessing to have such creative people involved in my vision.

The next several months I’ll be poking around seeking the perfect self-publishing company and plan on having my book out by Spring 2014.

I’ve hired a couple promoters and check out my Face Book page – I’m thrilled by all the positive comments!

So, moving along as planned!

The Conversation: In the Mind of an Artist’s Model

Published June 10, 2013 by Maryanne

The ConversationThe Conversation (photo by Darlene Foster)

Saturday I blogged about going to see my friend Darlene’s artwork at the Montclair Art Museum: (

As some of you know, I did a series with Darlene, modeling for several of her pictures in October, 2010, which was not only extremely fun, but extremely creative as we spent over eight hours together doing all different types of photos.

From that day moving forward, I always wondered what the photos would look like, what Darlene would do with them, and if anyone would buy pictures of me, as art.

Prior to meeting Darlene, I’ve modeled for other artists. One did sculptures, using me as the muse. I became a bronzed fairy, as well as a demon. After working hard for an entire summer, the grand opening happened and one of the sculptures sold immediately. But I never knew who it was sold to. And that bummed me out.

Since then I always wondered how other art models felt, not knowing who is buying them.

In one of the antique shops my husband and I frequent, there’s a painting of a sexy young guy with long blonde hair, shirtless and in jeans. It’s not mind-blowing sexy, but kind of fun and goofy. It reminds me of a young Iggy Pop, but healthier. I favor that painting and always see if it’s still there. Then I wonder … how recent is the painting? Is the guy old now? How old? Old enough to be my dad? Was he a friend of the artist? What is the story behind the painting? Does he live around here? Did he model a lot for the artist, or was this the only one? How much did he get paid? Did he enjoy it? There is always so much behind what you see.

So, fast forward to Saturday, it was so cool that the timing was perfect; as soon as Gina and I got to Darlene’s booth, a lady bought a postcard with my photo on it — “The Conversation.”

Just as I arrived, Darlene said, “And here’s the model.”

I smiled and said hello to the lady, who was around in her 60s, slim and stylish with the most adorable leopard print flats.

I wanted to get a photo of the lady who purchased a postcard with my photo. I wanted to have a part of her, as she had a part of me (and of Darlene). As I can never totally feel comfortable being center of attention. I like a party. I want everyone around me to be a star as well. (But I chickened out, because I am just so awkward around people sometimes).

Sometimes I’ll check out a Twitter page of a musician, writer or model I’m interested in. I see all these people tweeting them, giving them praise and compliments. And rarely will a celebrity write back. I understand that it’s not good to engage with a fan because someone could be a stalker. But if I had that many fans, I doubt I could hold back and not engage.

How can you not ask a fan — someone who is very interested in YOU — questions about his/herself as well? How can one be so nonchalant about an opportunity right in front of them? Am I satanic because I want to be like God — all knowing? Because I have so many questions about people … and life in general? Am I like the nosy aunt everyone avoids? I’d like to just think I’m pretty darn amazing because I care so much and am genuinely interested in people. Or am I a control freak because I can’t sit back, relax and just be a subject — I have to take the reins and be the creator, the interviewer, the editor, etc.

As a writer, once in a blue moon I’ll get an email from someone praising my work (not talking about blogging, talking about my published work). I always answer. Always.

My favorite email was when a Cyrinda Foxe fan contacted me about by article on Cyrinda Foxe that was published in Punk ( When something like this happens, it keeps the article alive … keeps it going … brings back the wonderful memories of when the article was actually created. When I sat in Cyrinda’s hotel room for four hours, interviewing her at first, then turning off the tape recorder and just enjoying each other as friends. And then later having dinner together.

So that two minute transaction of a lady purchasing a postcard, by Darlene Foster, that I modeled for three years ago, brought back a ton of amazing memories … the fun I had with Darlene that day, the laughter, the creativity, the awesome lunch we had, and the fact that my life was so great I had gotten into a car accident earlier that day yet kept going because I was so happy nothing was going to stand in my way!

And I’d love to know what was going on in the purchasers life too — on that exact day. But, of course, I may never know.


Journalism Woes Saved by Record Store Day!

Published April 21, 2013 by Maryanne

picture discDavid Bowie “The Jean Genie” picture disc

As a journalist, I have more happy days than bad ones. But yesterday I had a not so pleasant day.

A few months ago I wrote an article promoting an upcoming event. Now, I need to point out that I am a classy journalist. I am not a hardcore paparazzi type that snakes people into getting a story. People either tell me stuff I can use or not. I don’t force people to talk. I make sure all the people I interview are completely comfortable and if discussions get a towards an area that is sensitive or too personal, I simply ask, “IS THIS ON THE RECORD?” to make the person aware that what they are telling me they may later regret when they see it in print.

One of the greatest interviews I ever did in my life was when I interviewed  Sopranos actor Joseph Gannascoli and he confessed to being a food fence. I asked him, “Is this on the record?” He said, “Sure.” I couldn’t believe I got that information out of him! And it made for a great article. You can read it here:

Another great moment in my career in journalism was after interviewing Fred Norris of the Howard Stern Show. When I met him in person a few days after our phone interview he said to me, “You were the only journalist who ever got my story right. I love this article so much I read it to my daughter.”

So now that you know how I operate, I will proceed to tell my story ….

Yesterday when I got to the event that I wrote about a few months ago, the lady who hosted the event asked if I could take the article I wrote off the internet.

I told her that was a professional website, not my own, and I had no control over it and “Why is there a problem?”

Turned out a woman I interviewed told me some things she later felt were too personal to be on the internet and she was bitching about it.

I told the host that it was out of my control and she could speak to my editor about it. I gave her his professional phone number and told her to call him on Monday.

It was an uncomfortable situation for me because it made me feel like I was a rat and did something wrong, when I simply did a job I was hired for to the best of my ability — with class and consideration. I felt so upset throughout the day.

When I got home I wrote the host an email explaining that I did not force that woman  to tell me anything. She agreed to be interviewed. She even spelled out her name for me.

The bottom line is —  the editor is keeping the story online unless the woman tells him directly that what she shared with a reporter was causing her problems.

I think some people truly just love drama.

So I was pretty sad, but my husband participated in Record Store Day and he came home so happy with a bunch of records.

He surprised me with a David Bowie “The Jean Genie” picture disc! This was so cool because my late friend Cyrinda’s picture is on the record! Anything about Cyrinda makes me smile because she was such a girly girl. As beautiful as she was she would always be the first to give a compliment. And she was so funny. Just so real, told it like it was (which reminds me of my late Grandmother). I have nothing but wonderful stuff to say about that woman, may she rest in peace.

Cyrinda Fox and Justin LoveMy late friend Cyrinda Foxe, wearing my coat, and Justin Love

(from party at CBGBs gallery January 2001)

So it’s the little things that can definitely change the mood of the day! (Also the fact that after the event, I found this amazing grocery store that I’ve never seen before called Fairway — with a ton of organic foods and natural products!)

At night I was on the guest list for the Buskin and Batteau show, so my husband and I went to that which was absolutely fabulous! Stay tuned as my next post will be about that show, with pictures! Now I’m off to exercise, eat breakfast, church and then spending the day with my husband, possibly antiquing again.

From a low back to a super high! Life is good.