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How Do You Want to Be Remembered When You Die?

Published June 18, 2014 by Maryanne


I only use the term “ass kisser” when it comes to business and people are fake to get ahead. Something I don’t do and never did.

When it comes to being nice to people you don’t particularly like, it’s not necessarily being phoney or ass kissing, it’s “faking it till you make it” — in trying to make the world a better place to live and trying to get uptight people to lighten up and trying to see some good with hopes that they can latch on to what you’re doing, see that you’re not the enemy and be nicer to you. Nothing wrong with being happy, as I love to live my life in a euphoric dreamlike state as much as possible surrounded by nothing but the BEST people, in love, work and play.

Though some people are so nasty/jealous, no matter how nice you are to them, things will never get better and the best you can do in that situation is just avoid them as much as possible.

Last night, though, I was thinking of something else. Usually when people are nasty/jealous/mean, they don’t live very long. Because negativity contributes to bad health.

So when these bullies die and you outlive them … hate to say it, but let’s be real … you’ll be like, “Well, I’m glad she’s dead because now she won’t be able to be mean to me anymore.”

If this sounds like you — think about it. Is that they way you want to be remembered? As someone people are glad is dead?! Not me. When I die, I want people to MOURN!  And I know they will because I’m not the person throwing digs and being mean and making people feel left out and ignored. I’m the person who will cheer you on, be your friend, support your career and buy your books, music, art!

I can wake up each morning, look in the mirror and say, “I love me, let’s get this day rockin!” And that, my friend, is true success in life! ❤

RIP Fawn, 1995 to 2012

Published April 20, 2012 by Maryanne

  The year my beloved Grandmother passed away, my mother got a puppy to keep her mind occupied.

This puppy, Fawn, turned out to be the best dog I’ve ever known. Now mind you, I’ve had many wonderful dogs over the years and can tell so many stories about them. Taffy, the toy poodle who, as a child, I always “accidentally on purpose” let outside because I knew when she came back, a few months later she’d give birth to a litter of puppies. Misty, the beautiful German Shepherd who was so good with children that she let me touch her eyeballs when I was a little girl. (Her eyes were so beautiful, big auburn marbles that I couldn’t help but touch). And then there was Cher, my pocket-sized poodle who jumped high in the air whenever my great grandmother said, “Bye-Byes!” which meant she’d get to go outside.

And just like all the other pets, Fawn was super amazing. She was a little lover. She was always happy to see people, jumping up and down. She loved to play with my cat, Derick (Derick was bigger than Fawn who was a mere six pounds). Fawn hated walking on a tiled floor and preferred rugs, so whenever she went into the kitchen to eat, she’d do this cute little back-step as she returned to the dining room rug — as if that would get her off the cold floor faster.

But the cutest thing of all was one day when she was over, my husband had Bruce Springsteen playing. Fawn was on the couch and “Old Dan Tucker” came on. Fawn jumped off the couch and started moving her front paws, tapping left to right — in perfect time with the music!

She was a little doll, just absolutely precious. Knowing Fawn made me a Chihuahua fan, whereas before, I never really thought much about them — just that they made a lot of noise. But Fawn wasn’t yappy like that. She was just this perfect little thing. People who weren’t necessary dog lovers or Chihuahua lovers always took a liking to Fawn.

I will miss Fawn dearly. May she rest in peace in animal heaven and continue to bring joy to all souls she comes in contact with.

My heart is breaking inside. Even though she wasn’t my dog, she was a big part of the family.