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Halloween Season in Ringoes and Lambertville, NJ

Published October 22, 2017 by Maryanne

DSCF0559Loving the baby goats in Ringoes

Today was my first full day back in New Jersey since the trip to Atlanta. While I didn’t miss the Jersey attitude, I certainly missed the autumn colors. It was great to spend a Sunday on the road with my husband, going to farms for produce and taking in the super beautiful day.


This house in Lambertville has these incredible decorations — all handmade. They are very Burton-esque. We first discovered them a few years ago; and were happy to see that they are not only there again, but the display expanded from the front lawn to around the alleyway!




DSCF0591My husband, Dennis Lords — Mr. Halloween himself! 

R.O.A.R. Receives Thank You from Farm Sanctuary!

Published September 26, 2015 by Maryanne

R.O.A.R.Official R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) t-shirt

Last month, non-profit organization R.O.A.R. (Respect Our Animals’ Rights) has raised $550.

Inspired by the death of Cecil the Lion, our original intent was to raise money to make July 1 (the date of Cecil’s murder) a National Save the Lions Day. However, after it was pointed out that there was already a World Lion Day, R.O.A.R. decided to divide the money earned to date among three animal groups: Wild Cru ($250), Farm Sanctuary ($50) and Panthera ($250).

Here is the “thank you” letter we received from Farm Sanctuary:

Dear Maryanne,

Thank you for your generous gift to Farm Sanctuary! Your donation of $50 was received on 9/16/15 and it is already making a difference for suffering farm animals.

As you know, billions of farm animals are victims of the callous, profit-driven factory farm industry. Pigs, cows, calves, chickens, and other farm animals are kept in horrifying conditions that leave them in agony from birth until their last harrowing moments on the slaughterhouse floor.

But people like you are demanding something better for farm animals — and I couldn’t be more grateful.

Each time you support Farm Sanctuary, you remind the world that farm animals matter, that they are individuals with unique and wonderful qualities. They are someone, not something — and they have no business being warehoused and abused in massive factory farms.

With you by our side, Farm Sanctuary will continue to rescue animals from abuse, fight for their protection in the courts, lobby for legislative progress, and inspire millions to make compassionate choices through our public awareness campaigns. And, of course your gift will help rescued animals find a new beginning at one of our three shelters — or with an adoptive family through our Farm Animal Adoption Network.

That’s something to be proud of as we continue working to make the world a kinder place for farm animals.

Thank you from all of us at Farm Sanctuary. We are stronger because of you!

With gratitude,

Gene Bauer

President and Co-Founder

R.O.A.R. is a copyright. It’s a non-profit organization founded by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta on August 1, 2015. Please note, R.O.A.R. is not a vegan group. We feel that you do not have to be vegan to love animals. Meat eaters and hunters (not trophy) are welcome. For more information or to purchase a t-shirt, contact Maryanne at: (Proceeds of t-shirt sales go to various animal rights organizations).

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the author of “Love Cats”