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Health Raves

Published March 3, 2013 by Maryanne

Dreaming cow better photoThe most delicious, healthiest yogurt ever!

I’ve been meaning to blog about “Dreaming Cow” yogurt for several weeks now.

America’s fascination with thinking of yogurt as a “health food” irks me to no end. There are hundreds of yogurts on the market, but they are all homogenized, filled with hormones, preservatives and contain sugar. Not to mention the yogurt places like Go Yogurt that use corn solids and artificial colors and flavorings. This is the garbage people are feeding their children on a daily basis, not even as a treat!

This is not so for Dreaming Cow. Their yogurt is non-homogenized, all natural, grass-fed with no added hormones, no preservatives and no refined sugar. The cream is so luscious to the lips. It’s my favorite yogurt ever! I prefer the regular, natural one. But the flavored ones (flavored with low-glycemic agave nectar) are delicious as a treat.

You can read more about it here:

Another product that’s been part of my regular health regimen is Dr. Berg’s Kale Shakes. They are just awesome in the morning. They are promoted as a “meal replacement” — but hey, this is an Italian girl you’re talking to, no meal replacements here! Instead I think they are a healthy addition to a breakfast, giving you additional protein and greens. And they are YUMMY! Not chalky at all. The powder dissolves easily in coconut or almond milk.

For more information, go here:

Vita RocksVita Rocks!

And finally, Vita Rocks, a healthier version of Pop Rocks!

Interesting, just the other day I was thinking how much I loved Pop Rocks as a kid. Now I can re-live my childhood with this silly treat that’s kinda good for you. Vita Rocks are all natural and loaded with vitamins. The downfall is they do contain evaporated cane juice and are processed with CO2 for popping effect. So, again, a treat, not as a regular diet plan. They contain half of the RDA vitamins including: A, C, D3, E, B1, B3, B6, B9, B12, biotin, B5 and iodine. They also contain 26 percent RDA zinc and 17 percent RDA selenium.

Finally, Heathy Products in a Vending Machine!

Published October 15, 2012 by Maryanne


Fresh Vending machine

Today I went to the YMCA for a business meeting and lo and behold, I saw the most amazing site — I just couldn’t believe my eyes. A vending machine filled with healthy snacks — and I mean REALLY healthy snacks, not “lesser of two evils” kinda snacks.

Wow, where was this concept when I still worked at an office?

Years ago when I was still at the Montclair Times, I’d catch the vendor loading up the machine and I’d say to him, “Can’t you at least get something in here like a Lara bar?”

I was told, “No.”

But, wow, this vending machine I saw today was a site for sore eyes! And these sore eyes couldn’t believe what they saw — Annie’s Naturals crackers and Panda licorice. YUM!

I remembered the name of the franchise: “Fresh Vending” and when I got home I looked it up on the internet. They also provide these healthy products: Hint Water, Honest Tea, R.W. Knudsen Spritzers, Tazo iced teas, Zola acai juice, Late July crackers and cookies, and all sorts of baked crackers and chips. AND LARA BARS!

In my opinion, these machines should be all over the place — in offices, hospitals, shopping centers, convenience stores, gas stations, rest areas … anywhere you’d stop, they should be.  If people had more healthy choices available to them they wouldn’t have to resort to bad food in a pinch.

If you are a homebody and cook all your meals at home, work at home, stay at home all the time and can brag about eating nothing but organic, fresh whole foods — good, more power to you.

But some of us like to be out on the road, seeing the world. I’m definitely an “on the road” kinda girl and am always extra happy when I come across healthy treats along the way!

So may Fresh Vending prosper to the point where it’s a household name! I bless Fresh Vending with a ton of good vibes success now and 50 years from now!

Thank you, Fresh Vending! Thank you so much!