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Published July 3, 2014 by Maryanne


A little victory!!

For those who read yesterday, I had a very bad experience with a cashier at Trader Joe’s and even a worse time trying to complain to management, who had a very careless attitude towards my troubles.

After speaking to two managers at Trader Joe’s and some ding dong at their corporate office in Cali, I tried ONE MORE TIME to get some satisfaction and I GOT IT! The manager I spoke to today said, sincerely (not kissing my ass or trying to shut me up with the “yes, ma’am” bullshit that I hate) that I was right and that woman was WRONG for treating me as she did and that the other manager was WRONG for saying, “Maybe she had a bad day.”

And that when I go in again he’d love to meet me and he’ll have a gift for me.

So today, we learned two things:

1. If you’re right, be persistent in getting what you want.

2. “Having a bad day” is a lame excuse to be nasty to someone. Be professional at all times!