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Happy National Make a Difference Day!

Published October 23, 2021 by Maryanne

Happy National Make a Difference Day!

People can make a difference in big ways like donating a ton of money to charities, writing a hit song that people play on their wedding days, or becoming a motivational speaker. It’s also the little things in life that can make a difference, whether we realize it or not. Try smiling at a stranger. Many may not smile back, but you’ll get that one who will–and her whole face will light up. In a day and age where no one reaches out, call someone. Many will be annoyed that you interrupted their groove, but you may catch a person who is ecstatic to hear from you.

The other night my husband and I went to see The Monkees. I recognized a young girl who was running the merchandise table. She was in a band I love called Jackknife Stilletto (https://jackknifestiletto.com/welcome). Her name is Annie Stoic. I told her I loved her band and of course she was happy to hear that. Later on in the night, my husband went back to the merchandise to get another Monkees program. Annie gave my husband a few stickers of her band and said, “Give these to your lady.” That small, kind gesture made my night. A week ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and am currently dealing with natural pain management. I’m okay most of the time, but some mornings, when I’m alone after my husband goes to work, I cry. I haven’t shared this news with many people yet. I’m usually the go-to happy go lucky person. Nevertheless, I want to continue being kind to others. I do not want my pain to make me a grouchy person. So, I may be in pain, but I will continue being positive and saying nice things to people, because that is how I am. And when someone is a little extra nice to me out of the blue, now I appreciate it more than ever.

A few years ago before I went out for the evening, I cut up 23 pieces of paper (because it was Aug. 23) and wrote positive messages on all of them. I wrote things like, “You are blessed.” “You’re awesome.” “You are loved.”

I put the messages in a pouch and put them in my bag. I temporarily forgot about them. That night I went to see Sheila E. perform with my husband. If anyone has seen Sheila E. in concert, you’d know firsthand she is all about LOVE. At one point in the concert, she encouraged the audience to turn to a stranger and shake hands or give a hug. (This was before the pandemic). With that, I remembered my messages! I gave out 23 positive messages to 23 strangers. People read the messages and smiled.

I wonder how many of those strangers will remember that evening?

What have you done to make a difference? Please share your thoughts and inspire. Keep the love train going!

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