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Love Cats Second Printing Cover Reveal!

Published April 24, 2020 by Maryanne

Love Cats 2020

My second book “Love Cats” was originally printed in 2015. Earlier this year it went to “Out of Print” status. Yet you can still read the great reviews on Amazon

Once the book went out of print, I submitted it to several other publishers and it got picked up by Pink Flamingo Media and will be released MAY 2020!

AND, this is the first time I am using a pen name, Krystianna Mercury!

If the 1980s is your thing, and you love music from that era, this is a page-turning piece of chick lit erotica you may want to pick up!

Here is the synopsis:

Janey Peyton is filthy rich and living in NJ during the 1980s. She seems to have it all, including an Italian live-in housekeeper who drives her batty with overbearing dated love advice.

Since Janey’s workaholic, status-driven parents are absent in her life, love-starved Janey desperately seeks a soul mate as she cruises the new age nightclubs.

Enter Beck Stewart. Like Janey’s parents, he’s addicted to the grind—but for all the right reasons. He wants to make a better future for himself, and his potential wife, who he hopes would be Janey.

Because of their electrifying chemistry, the fact that Janey’s a good lay—and she has an impressive book and record collection—Beck falls hard for her and turns a blind eye to the immediate red flags: she’s a snoop and obviously hates his beloved old cat, Morticia.

When Janey discovers Beck can’t resist overtime hours, she mistakes his job loyalty for neglect. For “revenge” she takes on other loves and is careless when it comes to hiding her male and female conquests.

Does this sound like something you will want to read? Put your email below in the comments section and I’ll let you know when the book is published. It will be available on e-books; and in print version! 

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