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Just Call Me Honey!

Published February 21, 2021 by Maryanne

Blink your eye and there’s yet another thing that offends people — particularly women.

I guess I missed the memo that “honey” is now offensive. I did not know that. However some young feminist pointed out to me that I am “part of the problem” because I don’t see how “honey” is offensive.

I’m sorry. I don’t.

Maybe it’s generational, as I am 57-years-old. But I’ve been called “honey” by both men and women since I was a little girl and I think it’s absolutely adorable. One time I was called “honey bunny” by an older gum-cracking waitress. It brought me right back to the 1960s. I felt special.

Anytime I hear “honey” I think of something positive — the land of milk and honey or an incredible woman, like in the song “Honey” by Bobby Goldsboro. The young bride died young and he is longing for her. Honey is all things good.

Other great songs with the word “honey” include: “Just Like Honey” by Jesus and Mary Chain; “Sugar Sugar” – oh, honey honey by Ron Dante; and “Honey Pie” by the Beatles.

Angel guitarist Punky Meadows calls his lady friends “honey” on Facebook. I’d be honored if Punky Meadows called me “honey.”

Honey is a term of endearment. It means you are awesome. When someone calls you “honey” it means they like you. But sadly, now you can’t even say nice things like “honey” or “sweetie” in a work environment. Instead we get the cold “ma’am.” And to me, THAT is disturbing. People have been so brainwashed about what is politically correct, that we’ve become so robotic. It’s a wonder young people even pair up anymore because there is nothing sexy about the way they talk. They are so homogenized.

And before you start thinking of me as some misogyny-tolerating Trump supporter — I’m not. However, I am a person who thinks for myself and doesn’t jump on the politically correct band wagon when I feel it’s not necessary. If being feminist means standing up for what you believe in, I will call my own party on their bullshit. And for the record, I had this conversation with a female Democratic feminist last night who agrees with me 100 percent.

With all the issues we COULD fight about, nitpicking over something harmless like “honey,” YOU — not me — are part of the problem. So, keep stressing yourself out over it. Me, I’ll just enjoy it. Just call me Honey!

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