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Frames and Framers, Millburn, New Jersey

Published October 13, 2015 by Maryanne

Frames and framers - 2Frames and Framers

Frames and FramersInside Frames and Framers

In this day and age of Instagram and Facebook photos, people are missing the big picture.

Because of instant visual gratification people are getting into the habit of not preserving their memories. In the same vein of not being able to hold a vinyl record album in your hand and looking at the artwork, people are relying on electronic gadgetry. That said, another art form is being lost — having a perfect frame made for your artwork or photograph.

Frames are an old world craft which highlight and amplify personal art and photographs. Step into any museum and you’ll see what I mean. Yes, there are frame-less art displays, but that’s just an option, not the norm.

Frames can add so much to a photograph: elegance, funkiness, cool, classy, old-fashioned or modern. The art doesn’t just end with a photograph. This is why, when you walk past a frame store and see the displays in the window, you see a personal designer enhancing a piece of work, like an interior decorator does to a room.

One look at the blow-out window display at Frames and Framers ( in Millburn, New Jersey, and your imagination will run wild with framing possibilities!

Let’s not see another art form go by the wayside because of technology. Support your local custom frame shops!

frames and framers - 3

Make Art Out of Recyclables, Millburn Library, April 20, 2015

Published April 21, 2015 by Maryanne

fabric flowerFabric Art by Bridget Briant

Bridget Briant and I had a most wonderful time presenting our “Make Art Out of Recyclables” program at the Millburn Library. The children and their parents were awesome and we saw some true talent!

Thanks, so much, to librarians, Pat and Sue, for having us!

To have us at your school, library or children’s party, please contact Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta at:

My Interview/Article on Comic Legend David Brenner (and special guest, Tommy Mara!)

Published March 6, 2013 by Maryanne

David Brenner picDavid Brenner

It was awesome doing a phone interview with David Brenner several weeks ago for the Millburn/Short Hills Alternative Press.

I spent about 35 minutes on the phone with him. Off the record I told him I had a childhood crush on him when he was on Hollywood Squares in the 1970s. He laughed. He was a very humble, down to earth guy.

That same day I got to talk to doo wop legend, Tommy Mara, who is Brenner’s special guest at Paper Mill Playhouse on Saturday March 16.

You can read my full article here: