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Be (Extra)Ordinary: Ten Ways to Become Your Own Hero

Published January 9, 2019 by Maryanne

kicam cover

I am ecstatic to reveal the cover, and the landing page of my upcoming book Be (Extra)Ordinary: Ten Ways To Become Your Own Hero, published by KiCam!

Release date is October 2019, and you can order yours today here:

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Maple Holistics Argan Shampoo

Published November 24, 2017 by Maryanne

Argan Shampoo

Once again I scored another winner from Maple Organics! Their Argan Shampoo, which is cruelty free and all natural has the most beautiful smell and makes your hair incredibly silky soft, even two days after your shampoo!

My latest hair color is an ombre with a burgundy glaze on top, and blonde highlights on the bottom. While both my glaze and ombre colors have now faded quite a bit, Argan really made the shades pop again and brought out the best in my highlights.

And let’s talk about BODY! My hair was so bouncy, it still looked cute after I took off my winter hat!

After using this shampoo, I may not want to go back to any others.

For more information on Maple Holistics, visit:

And for your own free samples, visit here:

Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is an award winning journalist and the author of On the Guest List: Adventures of a Music Journalist, available from Next Century Publishing:


Oleda Baker breaks the age barrier, looking decades younger at 76

Published August 11, 2013 by Maryanne

oleda_bikiniOleda Baker at age 69

I am thrilled that I just found this article in my old email file. This article was originally written for The Patch online when I had a column called “Here’s To Your Health.” The Patch recently re-vamped their website and lost almost all my links to articles. So, as luck would have it, here is the original article as it appeared in The Patch, December, 2010. ENJOY!

Here’s to Your Health

“Oleda Baker breaks the age barrier, looking decades younger at 76”

By Mary Anne Christiano

Growing up, I remember seeing pictures in Cosmopolitan magazine of a glamorous model that resembled actress Sharon Tate. As years went on and I saw other pictures of the same model, she never seemed to age; the model’s name is Oleda Baker. Now she is 76-years-old and is still  a head turner.

Baker hasn’t gained an ounce since her modeling heyday. She hasn’t had a facelift either, but her face remains fresh and wrinkle-free. Her skin glows, her eyes sparkle and her cheekbones can cut diamonds. All her photos are 100 percent natural – no Photoshop or retouching.

But not only is Baker gorgeous and youthful on the outside, her annual tests, such as cholesterol and blood pressure, matched those of a person at least 25 years younger than her age.

The vivacious entrepreneur has done so much in her lifetime. In addition to being a high fashion model, columnist, artist and CEO of a company that develops anti-aging products, Baker has written more than 10 books on health and beauty. In her latest book, “Breaking the Age Barrier” she shares her wisdom and health and beauty secrets.

According to Baker, there was a twin study done on 3000 twins by a group of doctors which proved only 30 percent of aging is caused by genes and 70 percent is caused by lifestyle and environment. This is what Oleda also believes.

In “Breaking the Age Barrier” she said that both of her parents were overweight at one time in their lives. Her father was in poor health at the age of 40. Baker also had a brother named Harry, who passed away recently. Harry weighed 360 pounds according to Oleda.

“He ate himself to death,” she said, sounding regretful. “He destroyed himself through eating. He had no control.”

Watching her dad turn his health around is what piqued Baker’s interest in well-being at the ripe old age of 14. With vitamins, minerals, facial exercises and a few other tricks, Baker has kept her health and looks in optimal condition.

Although Baker started taking charge of her health at a very young age, she believes it’s never too late for anyone to turn his or her life around.

“There’s hope for anyone,” she said, when I asked if that also applied to those who may have abused their health and looks with drugs and alcohol.

What fascinated me most when I read Oleda’s book was that she eats everything. She enjoys bread, desserts and even pizza. Her advice is simply, “Just eat less.”

Baker eats a balanced diet of vegetables and salad. She eats meat and potatoes, but not too much. “If you have rich bread, you don’t need butter,” she said. “If you have great bread, you can get used to it [plain without butter.] You cannot go through life without eating the foods you love. I eat pizza. I eat sweets. I take my vitamins and minerals.”

She also makes a nutritious smoothie every day, made from antioxidant rich foods such as yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and bananas.

Another thing that surprised me was that Baker doesn’t worry about funky artificial ingredients from foods such as yellow #5 or chemicals in make-up. Perhaps her ways may inspire me to rethink how I’m spending my hard earned cash on expensive natural beauty products and simplify with products that do the trick, but aren’t as pricy because of the natural ingredients they contain. And that led me to my final question to Oleda …

What are the top three things a woman can do for her health and beauty if she is on a budget and restricted for time?

1. “Eat less. Buy less. That takes nothing. It saves you money. It makes you healthy.”

2. “Have good friends. It’s really necessary in this world to have fun, to have friends, to be able to talk to someone, to have friends you can trust.”

3. “Get some exercise of some form.” However, Baker disses jogging, running and jumping.

She said,” Some older people have bone problems, joint problems. It can be caused by too much pounding on a hard surface and hurting the joints. You don’t feel it at the moment. You pay your price as the years go by.”

I think Oleda’s biggest beauty secret of all is that she is a warm, good-hearted person. Her upbeat nature is inspiring. We chatted as if we’ve known each other all our lives. I hung up the phone feeling giddy and fuzzy, as if I just talked to an old high school friend.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but Oleda’s radiance goes straight to her soul!

For more information on Oleda Baker, go to:

For more information, contact Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta at:

As an updated side note, I’d like to say that to this day Oleda Baker was one of my favorite people to interview because she is such a warm, down-to-earth person. We’ve been keeping in touch via email and always wish each other a Happy Birthday, as we are both Leos. Oleda is such an inspiration!

Health Food Extravaganza at Dean’s Market, New Jersey!

Published June 3, 2012 by Maryanne

“Go Green With Dean’s” bag – free to every customer today!

I’ve been gearing up for today all week. Dean’s Natural Food Market had “Customer Appreciation Day.”

I set the alarm early on a Sunday for a 40 minute drive to the Shrewsbury location off Exit 109, from my home town Exit of 138. My husband, who is slowly but surely getting into the healthy lifestyle was also excited to accompany me.

Each customer who came to the store today received a green bag (while supplies lasted) to fill up with goodies. Whatever a customer could fit into the bag, was automatically given a 20 percent discount. And each customer was given a swag bag full of goodies, such as fruit flavored Omega 3 samples from Barlean’s, organic shampoo, vegan cookies, Kind Bars, natural chewing gum, recipe booklets from Eden products, raw vegan protein packs, etc.

Free food sample demos were also held throughout the store. I was able to sample yogurt covered goji berries, hummus and crackers, raw vegan chocolate drink, and coconut water.

After hitting the beach and eating our healthy lunches on the boardwalk, heading back we hit the other Dean’s at the Ocean Township location. (Note to Dean’s: If you ever decide to have a third location, please come a bit closer to Exit 138!)

I received another free Dean’s bag (and brought more goodies) and another free swag bag of samples.

Now, what I love about Dean’s that sets them apart from other health food stores is that they make a lot of their own food. They have a raw vegan cream cheese that is to die for!

They are also on the up and up in regard to gourmet raw food products that Whole Foods and other health food stores have yet to tap into.

For the past few years, I’ve been making special trips to Dean’s so I could purchase products from Awesome Foods (

They also always have sales on my favorite drink, GT’s Kombucha (

And lots of products from Sunfood ( Sunfood makes the most amazing raw coconut wraps! Restaurants, please take note and get a little creative! Please use these wraps in dishes! They are so healthy for you!

And for  delicious dessert-like treats, they have a ton of amazing chocolates from Righteously Raw (

Now, aside from all the gourmet healthy goodies, Dean’s has the biggest selection of organic produce, featuring stuff you just can’t find anywhere else. It’s the only store in New Jersey I can find organic kumquats! Hey, maybe someday they’ll have organic durians too! One can only hope!

And I’m happy to report prices are always reasonable.

There is always someone in the store to help answer your questions. One time I couldn’t find an item and three workers directed me to the right area. Now that’s fast service!

Well, it’s nice to end the weekend on a natural health high.

Thank you Dean’s. I’ll be back again, real soon!