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Easter Eggs

Published April 1, 2015 by Maryanne

SAM_6992Our first batch of brilliant colour!

Spring is a significant time to dye eggs, as eggs represent all spring has to offer: new life, fertility and rebirth. It’s no wonder that many businesses have their busiest time during spring, as people come alive again, wanting to start new projects.

While we don’t do it every single year, it’s always a great time dying eggs with my husband around Easter time. It truly sets the mood for what’s ahead: more business, more socializing, more time spent outdoors. Spring is a great time of year — a great time to be alive! Happy Spring to ALL!

SAM_6994The egg on the left is for a client who loves Easter (and holidays in general)

Currently I’m helping a senior couple write their memoirs — a love story. A young couple were together when the guy went off to fight in the Korean War. During his time in service, he wrote her over 200 love letters. And while he was on furlough they got engaged.

It’s thrilling visiting these wonderful people each week and helping them get their book written; especially now as I get to work in their lovely home, which is decorated beautifully for Easter with chicks and bunnies everywhere!

Perhaps this can inspire you! Do you need help writing your memoir? I’m fast and dependable. Contact me at: for rates and availability.