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RIP Mick Rock

Published November 19, 2021 by Maryanne
Mick Rock, Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta, Lenny Kaye, 2000

RIP Mick Rock – LEGENDARY rock photographer, (David Bowie, Queen, Miley Cyrus).

I interviewed him twice during my writing career, for New York’s Westsider newspaper, but in this photo it was just a fun party at CBGB’s gallery, late 1990s or possibly 2000.

What a great guy! He asked me to get high, but I don’t smoke pot. Now I wish I did.

I first became aware of Mick Rock when I was 12 or 13. He photographed album covers for my favorite band, Queen. But he’s been known for photographing so many legends, as far back as Syd Barrett.

His work with Queen was dark and mysterious. But Rock seemed to be a huge fan of color too. A favorite of mine is the magenta/turquoise theme from Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll” album cover. His use of color has always been genius, with colors that pop out and grab you.

It’s always sad to see an icon from your youth pass away. In this day and age, 72 is not that old.

Did Mick Rock’s work inspire you? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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It’s the Perfect Time to Adopt a Pet in New Jersey/New York

Published November 19, 2012 by Maryanne

Photo from Google Search (no credit available)

Last night I was in Pet Smart with my husband because we needed kitty litter liners.

A girl was in the shop with a beautiful chihuahua that was a rescue from the Sandy Hurricane. She said she was temporarily fostering the dog until it had a permanent home. Believe me, if I didn’t have two elderly cats, I would have taken that dog in a heartbeat. The dog was beautiful, lovable, well trained and well-behaved. The story was the dog was found without a collar or a microchip so it was impossible to find the owner.

My heart goes out to all the poor animals that lost their homes and families due to the storm. My two kitties don’t know how lucky they are to be safe with us.

There is no better time than now to adopt a pet or foster one if you can.

You can always call your local pet shelter or pet store. Currently the North Shore Animal League has over 300 animals that were displaced when their owners had to evacuate their homes during Hurricane Sandy.

Believe me, I’ve had all kinds of animals my whole life — dogs, cats, turtles, ferret, snake, turtles, hamsters, guinea pigs — and they bring you nothing but joy and happiness.  By adopting a pet, you may be saving a little soul’s life, but the pet will give back to you tenfold — unconditional love throughout his/her lifespan!

But It Will Always Be “West Paterson” To Me

Published August 31, 2012 by Maryanne

West Paterson, New Jersey; since 2009 known as Woodland Park

This afternoon a client said that she’d need a ride to Woodland Park.

I didn’t know where the hell she was talking about and started getting a little nervous, thinking she was asking me to drive her to somewhere way up the Parkway and then I’d get stuck in massive holiday weekend traffic on the way back.

Then I figured it out … oh, okay, Woodland Park … WEST PATERSON!

West Paterson was one of the towns I grew up in and the name was changed to Woodland Park in 2009 because the residents wanted to disassociate themselves with the city of Paterson which was significantly poorer and had a higher crime rate.

I felt this was extremely pretentious and even though I haven’t lived in West Paterson since I was a kid, I was very upset with the name change. West Paterson was the name of the town since May 1, 1914.

But New Jersey is no stranger to name changes. East Paterson, incorporated in 1916, changed it’s name to Elmwood Park in 1973 for the same reasons in hopes that property values would go up and not be confused with Paterson to outsiders.

On the flip side of the coin, Paterson residents felt the name changes were racist and discriminating and have cleverly suggested changing Paterson’s name to East Woodland Park or West Elmwood Park!

My client, who is originally a New Yorker, said that New York would never change the names of their boroughs. That is such a good point. Brooklyn was named back in 1634 and the name came from Breukelen, Netherlands. And I highly doubt any Brooklynites would ever want to change the name Brooklyn to something else. That’s a tight sense of community that you can’t help but admire.

Anyway, it’s been three years since the official name change, but to me it will always be “West Paterson” and that’s how I’ll refer to it!

Hershey and Carlisle, Pennsylvania Weekend Trip

Published June 24, 2012 by Maryanne

Me, at a 1970s computer

Car show, Hershey, Pa

Recreation of 1960s drive-ins, in car museum

1962 Manza GT Concept, 1963 – sibling of the Corvette


This weekend, my husband and I took a long weekend to Hershey, Pennsylvania to see the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, which took you on a trip through time from the late 1800s with the carriages to mass production in the 1920s giving everyone a chance to own a car up to the 1970s where you could see a variety of antique cars and motorcycles.

The pictures here speak for themselves, but you can also Google the official website to see more, including videos.

I highly recommend going here for a visit. We spent over two hours in the museum, as well as the car show that was outside. Some of the trailers had other cool stuff like the 1970s computer I’m picture at in the photo above, and a ton of memorabilia from yesteryear.

Hershey, Pa.

Going to Hershey for the first time was very cool. In the heart of the town all the streets are painted chocolate brown. You can even smell the chocolate as you pass the factory! Streets had cutesy names like “Cocoa Avenue.” Street lamps were Hershey’s kisses, some wrapped in the silver foil, others unwrapped showcasing the milk chocolate in all its glory. It was simply adorable!

Health Food

I was also happy to re-visit a restaurant we went to a few years ago called The Green Room in Carlisle. It’s a healthy restaurant with raw and vegan choices and also has organic meats. I had a cold beet soup, pickled watermelon and carrot/ginger juice. For dessert, we shared an amazing mango/coconut/chia pudding! YUM! I honestly have to say I liked this food as much as I like Pure Food & Wine in NYC. When my birthday comes this year, I may want to go back to The Green Room to celebrate.

Carlisle has an amazing health food store called Appalachian Whole Foods. They have organic produce, as well as raw milk! But I waited until Sunday and got raw goat’s milk at The Healthy Grocer in Camp Hill, Pa. The Healthy Grocer was huge and similar to my favorite health food store in New Jersey — Dean’s. The Healthy Grocer had some homemade delights that I really enjoyed such as pickled organic hard boiled eggs and organic beet and apple salad. And we brought home some chocolate zucchini cookies — which are already GONE!

Other oddities

One of the amusing things we saw on this trip is a “Dog Wash.” It was in the back of a gas station. People who take their dogs on trips can take their dogs to wash them. It’s coin operated with a sink for dogs to sit in. What a clever idea! I’ve never seen them before.

Another odd thing was NICE PEOPLE! We couldn’t figure out if people were nice because they were on vacation, or just nice because they aren’t living in New Jersey or NYC. Everyone was smiling and cordial, holding doors open for you, saying “hello,” etc.

People talked to us in the hotel lobby, in the pool, at the car museum. Everywhere we went, people smiled at us and said a few words.

We went an entire LONG weekend without any bullshit from anyone. And that is so rare when you live in New Jersey or NYC.

When we left the hotel early this afternoon, my husband walked into the check out area, while I waited in the car. I saw a man pass him, say “hello” and held the door open for him. Then the same man saw me in the car and waved to me. I thought to myself, Wow, where does this super nice man come from?

I watched him get into his car and I looked at the license plate.

It said, “New York.”

It’s amazing, a change of scenery does wonders for everyone!