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Date Day and Night in Montclair, NJ

Published May 12, 2022 by Maryanne
In lobby of Claridge movie theatre

You can’t beat the days when you can spend all day and night with the one you love. My husband Dennis doesn’t like having his pictures on the internet, but nevertheless, we had a most beautiful day — and night — together.

I waited to see this movie for at least a month, “This Much I Know to Be True” about the intense musical collaborations between Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. Astonishing and engrossing, the film begins showing the art work of Nick Cave. Seasoned and humbled, you see another side of Nick Cave. There’s a guest appearance from Marianne Faithfull too.

I’ve been a Nick Cave fan since the 1990s and was able to see him perform live, once, in NYC. The show was mesmerizing and I have at least seven of his albums. This movie triggered me to get them out again and listen. He’s quite the storyteller and his songs are like mini novels. Dark, but also some tongue-in-cheek.

The movie was the highlight of the evening. Earlier in the day my husband and I had a quick bite at worldFlats, which had many vegan options. I wanted to rave about them on Yelp, but the Montclair restaurant isn’t up yet, only the other locations. I had a wonderful salad. Prices were reasonable. Service was great — and quick! I was also given a white rose, which was sweet. They are known for their flat dishes, but I was carb-d out from a pasta lunch my husband made, so I went for the salad, which had arugula, chick peas, quinoa, red peppers, onions, and more.

Salad, worldFlats
Earlier in the day, Montclair, NJ

I lived in Montclair, New Jersey, for a short time. Whenever I go back, I get a beautiful sense of nostalgia. It’s a small, artsy town, with so much to do. And people are friendly. It’s also sad that many places I loved to frequent are now closed. It’s foreign to me, looking into windows of places that are “new” and remembering the former…

No matter where I’m now living, or where I’ll end up, I’ll always see myself as a Montclair resident. It’s always great to go back and visit. The town was good to me in so many ways.

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