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Embrace Yourself

Published September 25, 2021 by Maryanne

A few months ago in art class we did a nude drawing, using a sculpture of Venus De Milo as a model.

Of everything we do in art class–painting, crafts–drawing is my absolute favorite.

I wanted to add the side message “Embrace Yourself” because we all should. I purposely made one breast a little larger than the other and fuller thighs. Even my letters are written on the sloppy side. That is the beauty of not being a professional artist, the imperfections give the piece character. It gives surrealism to realism.

Beauty and the Bush

Published March 5, 2013 by Maryanne

covering bush

A naked woman is a good thing.

But in this day and age when everyone has their own militant ideas of what a bush should look like it’s enough to make any modern day woman want to resort back to the 1800s and keep it under cover. And therefore, it’s another sad truth for young people who are still dating. If it’s not bad enough young women worry about having a bad hair day on date night, now they have to obsess over how to style their bush, which is kinda ridiculous.

Years ago I had an article published in a magazine called “Exit.” The article was called, “The History of Public Hair” and taught how hairless crotches dated back to the days of Cleopatra and how full bushes came back in style during the Victorian age. I interviewed men of all ages and asked them what they preferred. It was really fun and I got some great answers.

I was surprised that contrary to bare crotches being so popular at the turn of the 21st century, a lot of men loved pubic hair. One commented, “especially if a woman is a natural redhead.” And another said he loved the bush but his wife was a natural blonde so she didn’t have enough hair “down there” for his tastes — he wanted more!

And even though bare crotches were all the rage in 2002, I interviewed one man who said they looked too much like a little girl. And another who said they looked like a plucked chicken.

As a woman, I’m an all or nothing kinda gal. I love a bare bush because the skin feels so soft — and sexy because you can see EVERYTHING! It’s perfect for days at the beach, as you don’t have to even think about hair coming out of the bikini. But I also love hair because it’s visually appealing. Nothing spells out WOMAN more than a nice patch of dark hair. (So maybe bald is good for summer and hair for winter?) One man once commented how wonderful a woman smells, naturally, when she doesn’t shave.

And honestly, I don’t go for “foo foo” crotches. The “hitler” or “landing strip” are just goofy. And as beautiful as a natural bush can be, sometimes it can really get out of hand! Just Google “Demi Moore bush” and you’ll see what I mean! But the reality is, some girls can do anything they want and still look DROP DEAD GORGEOUS! Some may laugh, but let’s face it, maybe we’re jealous that a hot chick is truly rocking the bush!

But what do I know? In the end, it’s all good. Or at least it should be. I mean seriously, GUYS, you’re in a bar with a hot chick, are you going to turn her down in the bedroom because her crotch isn’t too your liking? LIGHTEN UP!

Or ladies, are you going to make your very own girlfriends feel bad for not shaving enough or shaving too much — so much so that she’ll feel awkward getting changed in front of you if you’re getting ready for a party together? Please, let’s have some support for each other. Let’s be real women by being accepting and open-minded, not uptight and catty!

Preferences are not a bad thing. It’s what makes the world go round. We all have preferences. I prefer guys with brown hair over blonde and black. I prefer athletic or chubby guys over skinny ones. I prefer 1970s and 1980s models to modern ones. It’s all good!

But what irks me is when people let preferences rule their life to a point that makes them come across as haughty, uptight or downright mean; when people get FURIOUS when others don’t agree with them.

When an acquaintance condescendingly wrote on Face Book, “Everyone knows the bare wood floor is the way to go” in 2010, I hid her from my friend’s list and mentally marked her as “clueless.”

First of all, it was 2010, not 2001

Did you not get the memo that the “bare wood floor” is no longer in style?

Internationally recognized photographer, Richard Kern, who once photographed not only bare bushes, but bare bushes with piercings, has been going more organic, photographing ladies with very full bushes.

On the flip side I was having lunch with an acquaintance and she started getting very loud in regard to defending her decision for having a bush: “IF SOMEONE WANTS TO DATE A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD THAN HE SHOULD STAY AWAY FROM ME!” Ewww!

It’s just so disturbing that people associate a bare bush with pedophilia. Does this mean that women who like bald men are pedophiles too? After all babies are born with bald heads! And what about old ladies that lose their pubic hair due to medications or illness. Does that mean their husbands are pedophiles for still loving them? Please — get a life!

And it’s equally disturbing that people who view hair down there as “gross” or “unclean” or what not. Some doctors recommend having pubic hair for sanitary reasons.

All these backward thoughts are just as shallow as men who insist that since THEY don’t like short hair on women or Capri pants that no one else does. People who are so ignorant that they assume everyone is thinking like them or they are “lying.”

I’m sorry, there is not one thing in this world that 100 percent of the people in it agree on.

And, HELLO, it’s 2013!

Are we not a little more than what is going on between our legs?

So, if even just for one day, let’s all be a little more open-minded toward each others choices. Let’s not make each other stress and obsess over our looks. I mean, if you think about it, whatever your preference is, someday you may not have a choice. Do you like hairy? Well things like medications and menopause can change that. Do you like a bare bush? Well, maybe some day you might be in a situation where you’re not able to groom as you like — if you get old and can’t bend as you used to. It CAN happen!

Unless a lady is a Playboy model or a porn star, what a woman’s bush looks like is between her and her significant other(s). Sex and being sexy should feel good! Let’s stop complaining about hair or lack of and just enjoy being naked and looking at others who want to be naked. Life is too short to worry about what’s in style, who likes what, and the psychology behind what’s what.

And while a lot of us have finally come to agreement that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and ages, can we please come to agreement that so do all bushes?